The calm before the storm for food prices?

  • Article by: JOHN EWOLDT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 10, 2011 - 2:48 PM

Food prices remained relatively stable in 2010, but consumers should brace for some turbulence this year.

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sixtytonyFeb. 9, 1110:36 PM

The Fed Chairman just testified that "INFLATION" is not going to be problem in the near future.Once again total BS....he seems to be working for Obama and not the US public.

bikemilesFeb. 9, 1110:47 PM

Ethanol for fuel uses one-third of the corn crop grown in the USA.

ZarephethFeb. 9, 1110:53 PM

Despite higher prices, I'm quite sure that world food production this year will be far in excess of that necessary to feed every person on the Earth. And like the past couple centuries, we'll still see one quarter of the Earth's population living on the edge of starvation because they cannot afford a proper diet. Perhaps if we outlaw financial speculation in essential commodities we won't have such volitility in commodity prices.

PutterFeb. 10, 11 1:02 AM

I've heard (MPR)that over 20% of the food produced in the USA is thrown away each year. One can imagine the cost savings (fuel for transportation, fertilzer, labor, storage, etc) that even a minor reduction in waste might afford.

comment229Feb. 10, 11 5:44 AM

So, I must have missed the paragraph where you went to some local farmers, and asked them their opinion of all this and what their problems are. I will guarantee you that you don't have a clue as to what they go through every year.

ORIOLE75Feb. 10, 11 5:47 AM

Thank you Tim Pawlenty for pushing all of those ethanol mandates. Less corn available for food means higher prices.

comment229Feb. 10, 11 5:47 AM

Here we go again. We grow the corn, produce ethanol to put in our gas tanks because that would seem to be more important than food. We are fighting wars of choice because of oil, getting nervous about Egypt and the Suez canal because of oil and now all this is linked to food. When is the USA going to get a REAL energy policy that deals with importing zero oil?

nomedsFeb. 10, 11 5:51 AM

Many people's caloric intake is 3,000 or more per day. That's totally over-eating. People are more healthy if they cut their caloric intake to 1200 or less per day which will also drastically cut their food bill.

minnokaFeb. 10, 11 6:04 AM

Zarepheth--No, food production will probably NOT be far in excess of what's necessary. Wheat prices are up because drought in Russia last year eliminated a big share of world wheat output. Other countries have been hit by either drought or record rainfalls, both of which have damaged crops and drastically reduced yields. Food scarcity will become an ever-increasing problem as we suffer more from the effects of climate change.

nomedsFeb. 10, 11 6:06 AM

Corn is processed into high fructose corn syrup which is an extremely unhealthy additive to most foods. High fructose corn syrup prevents the production of Leptin in the body which signals the body to stop eating. Also Fructose requires a different metabolic pathway than other carbohydrates because it basically skips glycolysis (normal carbohydrate metabolism). Because of this, fructose is an unregulated source of “acetyl CoA,” or the starting material for fatty acid synthesis. Take high fructose corn syrup out of the food.


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