UM-Morris: Green goal, then reality

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 8, 2011 - 10:30 PM

The University of Minnesota, Morris, found its carbon-neutral goal quite a learning experience.

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bugmenot99Feb. 8, 1111:12 PM

Great story! Is the carbon cost of feeding all the students during the winter included in the carbon neutral calculation?

swmnguyFeb. 9, 11 6:28 AM

We're all going to have to figure out how to live without deriving major energy from hydrocarbons; at some point, it will take more energy to acquire them than we can get from them, as we use up the easily-accessed stuff. Institutions like UMM are doing the practical, hands-on research we'll all need to rely on. What they learn, both useful and non-useful, will be of great service to all of us.

rthashmarkFeb. 9, 11 7:23 AM

Al Franken can really act, he's in the role of his life

saukviewFeb. 9, 11 7:28 AM

Here we go again. Right after the strib writes it's CO2 killing reforestation of the farmland nonsense, UM Morriscalls for co2 neutrality. Go for it. Leave our tax dollars alone and go for it. Won't work? Sure it will. Set up a tent city, freeze to death (no wood fires either) do not breath (humans are CO2 producers)any vegetation grown and not use must be buried deep in the earth (recomposition produces gases) Oh by the way...... do I see a fire in the background of the picture naughty,naughty that evil fire is producing CO2 oh that's OK because it is a biomass gassifier? which when burning produces good CO2? Huh? Well whatever. Have a great time over in Morris. I think I will do a little work in my warm office being productive making money to pay taxes so you can figure out how to spend them.

ranger78Feb. 9, 11 7:38 AM

Oh how nice it must be so young, so goal oriented, so concerned, so caring and so NAIVE. What a bunch of saps these students and administrators are. Parents, I hope you're pleased with your ignorant little twerps. What a hoot. Saukview nailed it.

moandaaFeb. 9, 11 7:40 AM

Not a single word about education. How, for example, is innovation driven by research being done on campus? Are students involved in this project engineers or social justice majors? How much do the wind turbines, solar panels and gasifier cost? How much is covered by public money. Get back to work Jenna.

langton4Feb. 9, 11 7:43 AM

No one ever said that it would be easy. Hats off to those doing serious research about a serious problem. (Time for all of the global-warning-deniers to click "no.")

b127oaktreeFeb. 9, 11 7:43 AM

How wonderful, See what can happen when we follow the example set for us by Al Gore.

langton4Feb. 9, 11 7:45 AM

"Not a single word about education. " Okay, then, look at the picture.

efleschFeb. 9, 11 7:48 AM

saukview, some time learning about the carbon cycle might help your understanding and placate your irrationality on the subject.


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