IBM’s building for giga speed in Rochester

  • Article by: STEVE ALEXANDER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 7, 2011 - 11:01 PM

IBM is working on a super-computer that could shatter speed records at 10 quadrillion calculations per second.

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matthewcwFeb. 7, 1111:15 PM

Kudos to the author for keeping a subtle cynicism and sense of humor in this article. "'We want to come out with systems that are innovative, but also have the ability to solve the world's problems in a real way.' **IBM supercomputers are used to design new drugs, develop nuclear weapons and help search for oil**." Developing nuclear weapons and searching for oil! IBM: solutions for a better tomorrow.

edinasigepFeb. 7, 1111:25 PM

That is awesome.

ammunraFeb. 8, 1112:07 AM

Now develop teleporters so we can eliminate all traditional means of transportation.

redqidFeb. 8, 1112:10 AM

This is actually Mira II. The first Mira's chips fried after working just over 74 hours trying to solve a problem for the US govt. The problem was this: with the US govt deficit spending 1.5 trillion a year, how can the US govt avoid an eventual default?

e9999999Feb. 8, 11 1:12 AM

sounds like it isn't a memristor, able to calculate as it processes, or with a 3 dimensional design, the equivalent of brain neurons. a single brain is more complicated and efficient than that contraption.

alellefsonFeb. 8, 11 4:38 AM

Good Luck!

haye0138Feb. 8, 11 7:05 AM

Funny, I worked for IBM in Rochester for 3 years, and every year they downsized and laid off hundreds and hundreds more.....perhaps its because they are wasting their time building crap like this instead of actually concentrating on products that have a real consumer demand tied to them. That being said, I get why they are doing this, theres not a whole lot going on in Rochester, you just gotta find anything you can to do to entertain yourself.

bigbluemngrFeb. 8, 11 7:36 AM

I'm a current Rochester IBMer, and I worked on this machine. This story shouldn't just be about some computer that will be ranked at the top of some list, it's about the people that made it happen. For such an accomplishment, you need a team of dedicated, hard working professionals amongst the best in the world. Minnesotans. And since kids from the South or overseas frequently leave Rochester after their first winter, we recruit heavily from schools in MN, IA, WI, and the Dakotas. Our neighbors. So I view this as a source of local and national pride. P.S. Tune in to watch IBM's Watson system compete on jeopardy next week!

joe_mnFeb. 8, 11 7:48 AM

interesting bits of info in so few comments. very expensive, very low volume product. only govts will buy. provides very few jobs at plant. mngr says asian workforce does not like mn weather. wonder where 2 guys in pic are from originally? how many workers are still at plant?

cstraley2001Feb. 8, 11 9:08 AM

Good for you "bigbluemngr" (and the team) for keeping a local perspective on this story......and for what appears to be a 'Job Well Done!!'


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