Dozens of Minnesota's charter schools could close

  • Article by: SARAH LEMAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 2, 2011 - 9:49 AM

Dozens of schools don't have long to find authorizers required under new law.

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rlvandyFeb. 1, 1110:27 PM

Oh no say it ain't so... public education for some dare they?!?! hehehe

deerehuntFeb. 1, 1110:28 PM

It is about time someone in the Department of Education makes charter schools accountable to a law already on the books.

decembersueFeb. 1, 1110:32 PM

I know someone who is on the board of a charter school, and she says these new rules are welcome. She told me probably half the charters in the state are not worthy of being called a "school". The reality is no study has ever shown kids do better at charters; at their worst, they put kinds in small, low-resource environments with nothing much to do and then watch them drop out like clockwork. Even with aggressive manipulation of enrollment designed to make them look better, charter schools still fail. Others do well for a year or so when donor money drives their budget well above a normal public school, and then crash and burn when the money dries up (see the charter school in New Orleans that was featured in Waiting for Superman - this happened to them). Public school districts should get out of sponsoring these schools unless they fit a niche the district really needs, such as an online component. Their only other use is when they are sponsored by a university with an education department.

thechosenoneFeb. 1, 1110:38 PM

It is about time these schools face closer scrutiny.

tietacFeb. 1, 1111:08 PM

Another movement to make these schools as bad as regular schools. Next will be to require unionization.

samo45Feb. 1, 1111:12 PM

Obviously, NOT being unionized wasn't the solution. I thought that was the magic bullet to solve all problems? Try again. Maybe you can find a way to blame Obama for why our children "isn't" learning.

rarmstrongFeb. 1, 1111:30 PM

So charter schools have to be more closely regulated by the state because some "have been plagued by low test scores" or "mismanagement." Isn't that what's already wrong with a lot of public schools?

siddddFeb. 1, 1111:38 PM

Outside of the catholic church, I'm not sure there has been any collective classification of individuals/schools that have been shown to be more corrupt, including the mafia. Even schools that show decent test scores have shown over and over again to be rotten to the core, specifically St. Croix Prep. All that charter has done is line the pockets of a select few administrators and alleged board members while providing nothing those same children couldn't also receive at the traditional public schools in the area.

mcsue2Feb. 1, 1111:40 PM

Some charter schools serve a need and do a great job. Some don't. When charter schools were first tentatively introduced in Minnesota, there were only going to be a few of them serving special purposes. Then they popped up everywhere, for every conceivable purpose. Not every idea is a good idea for a school. THe good charters will find the support they need, the floundering ones will disappear. It's a necessary step in the charter movement in Minnesota.

scottkyFeb. 1, 1111:51 PM

Yes, some charter schools need to go. But some school districts need to be dissolved as well. Wasn't it the Minneapolis school district that recently under-estimated the cost of their new teacher contract by 3 million dollars? I believe that qualifies under the mismanagement label.


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