PolyMet scores by landing ex-pollution control chief for its top job

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  • Updated: February 2, 2011 - 2:05 AM
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HalburgFeb. 1, 11 8:29 PM

There is life after the DNR - Go Brad!!

garyalonzoFeb. 2, 1112:08 AM

Polymet has made a very smart move by hiring Mr. Moore to oversee its operation at Hoyt Lakes. Mr. Moore is not only the former head of the PCA, but he is a politician who knows how to work the State's permit system to Polymet's advantage. Many permits will be required for this project, and rightly so, because there has never been nor will there every be another project in the foreseeable future that has the potential for such devastating impacts on the environment in this part of the State. Polymet now has an influential man that will do its bidding on a project that will make Reserve Mining and its dumping of tailings in Lake Superior look like a minor operation. This project has the potential of introducing a deadly toxin, mercury, into a watershed that drains northward into the BWCA. Minnesotans and others who love this unique wilderness area should be very concerned that while Mr. Moore may be well intentioned as to how this mining operation should be developed to protect the environment, his boss, Polymet, will be making the final decisions and its concern will not be about the environment, but about making the most money regardless of what's best for the environment. This project will create jobs, but when Polymet, a foreign company, is finished mining this area and the damage has been done, they will be gone in a heartbeat and the State will be left to clean-up their mess.

jjjjjeFeb. 2, 11 2:09 AM

This deposit, called the Duluth Complex, is one of the largest in the world. IT is on the side to the south of the Laurentian Divide and DOES NOT DRAIN TO THE BWCA. I was born here. The environmental nut cases use fear tactics to sway this project. The PLATSOL process that is specifically designed for this project, and for the ore that the nonferrous minerals will come from, WILL WORK. There are many of the employees that are 3rd and 4th generation miners that work at Polymet Mining, most all live in the community and hunt, fish, recreate and raise their families within a few miles of the plant and mine. Owning property about 15 miles down stream(as well as a neighbor that works at Polymet) many of us KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO MINE SAFELY. We are environmentalists with common sense. Do not allow the nut case environmentalists to continue to chase all of the decent paying jobs to the foreign entities. Sen Bakk recently stated that along with this mine will come manufacturing businesses and careers, instead of shipping these minerals(&jobs) around the world. The tax base from this mine and the Twin Metals project will pay more in taxes to the schools, county, and state than (with respect) all the past 120 years of taconite mining. We have a unique opportunity, right here in MN, to rebuild this country. We want and need our offspring to have the choice to stay here, if they choose, to continue to pass on the traditions. Thank a miner today!

deadlygooseFeb. 2, 11 3:10 PM

Garyalonzo has no idea what he is talking about. Like jjje said, the polymet project is on the south side of the divide which will not run into the bwca. Also, polymet is not going to dump their tailings into lake superior.. thats such a dumb comment. And lastly Polymet does not make the final decisions on how they will affect the enviroment thats wat the MPCA, MDH and DNR are for, also EIS reports that they have spent more than 20mil on. This move shows everyone that Polymet wants to do things right and safe. This should reassure all environmental groups that someone on the enviromental side is working within the mine project.

pdf123Feb. 2, 11 7:43 PM

I think it's disgusting, what a sell-out ! From what I've read and researched, (esp stuff by former mine employees) it is very difficult to do sulfide mines without serious environmental contamination. You have to wonder why if it's so safe the company opposes legislation that would put the company on the hook fiancially for any environmental damage caused by the project.

jjjjjeFeb. 2, 11 8:31 PM

pdf13...you still have no clue...the 37 pages of regulations that are now in place are far and away enough to handle the financial assurances this state needs from ANY mine plan. The DNR has hired a third party to establish the amount and vehicle of that assurance, AND POLYMET HAS AGREED TO PUT UP THOSE ASSURANCES. You and whatever group you belong to are wanting more government, more laws and regulations and less manufacturing, less jobs, and less tax base. Look around your home and see all that was made from the minerals that came from Mother Earth. And crawl back under your rock, because you have no clue what it takes to mine(hands get dirty, sweat is on brow) many humans have given their backs and LIVES (5 in Chille recently)so you could spew your venom. Have some common sense, FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. Stop the frivilous lawsuits and scare tactics, all it does is cause job loss(all shipped overseas)hunger and familes to break up. We want a chance, to have what the baby boomer generation had, to succeed and prosper here in MN, the state I grow in.

stargirl3Feb. 3, 11 9:25 AM

It's easy to make assumptions about people you've never met...but anyone acquainted with Brad Moore knows he is about the last person in Minnesota who would "sell out" to a corporation. There's no doubt in my mind that he signed on with PolyMet because he believes the project will benefit the state's citizens and businesses AND is assured by the science that shows any potential damage to the environment can be prevented. The man grew up in Duluth, canoes, fishes, hikes, camps,and even composts, for God's sake. The environmental aspects of this project could not be in better hands.

zakfoxxFeb. 3, 11 9:51 PM

Yes stargirl3 I've met him. He sold out and ran out on his family. What a year Mr. Moore has had.

elmore1Feb. 3, 11 9:55 PM

An ex-DNR guy going to work for a special inerest group? What a surprise.

stargirl3Feb. 4, 1110:30 AM

zakfoxx, clearly you don't know him at all if you're under the impression that he ran out on his family. Why don't you leave the hatred to the Republicans?? Those of us fortunate enough to have worked with Brad know that precious few people on this earth have the kind of honor, sense of responsibility, and respect for others that he does. You couldn't be more wrong about his character.


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