Sen. Linda Berglin: State GOP's cuts target the vulnerable

  • Article by: LINDA BERGLIN
  • Updated: February 1, 2011 - 7:15 PM

What happened to the party's concern for children and the disabled?

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johnsopinionFeb. 1, 11 7:19 PM

Linda, after you and your cohorts have run out of the state ALL of the illegal aliens, and those from outside of Minnesota who 'migrated' here just to rip off the taxpayer and drive our state's budget OVER THE CLIFF, then we can sit down and talk about WHO really needs help, and how much, and how much that the taxPAYERS are willing to pay. Deal?

patrickjdFeb. 1, 11 7:48 PM

It's all about "the children". Good grief! Berglin, that is Sooo 1990's. How much do you guys wanna bet that the "cuts" she's whining about are just reductions in the increase of spending for "the children"?

JudelingFeb. 1, 11 7:50 PM

John: That is a really good question. Taxes are in general lower now then any time in decades. What is the amount taxpayers are willing to spend? It really isn't that taxes have gone up, it has more to do with most peoples incomes not keeping up to the norms we expected pre- 80's

pagemarshFeb. 1, 11 7:59 PM

Honestly, I haven't seen a case where cuts have actually promoted growth. Looking at Japan, cuts were the ruin of their economy which just got passed up by China. The country has been in the midst of an economic malaise and stagnation for nearly 20 plus years. Granted inept spending didn't help either, but that was long after the government pulled the plug on stimulus money which was dragging the economy out of its bubble in the 90's. Then the government put a break on the spending, the economy entered another slump. They attempted another round of spending (but on pointless projects that built up their current deficit) and now here we are in 2011 and the economy is plagued by a massive debt, low consumer spending, high savings, and two competing sides of government that seem incompetent at best. My worry is that the US will join Japan someday, but in a very American way with lots of noise and flare. I am not a huge fan of tax increases, but I am not an idiot either. I can look at the little bit of life I have lived as a voter and I think to myself why people older than me didn't have the foresight to fix the problems that plague us today. They always left it for someone else. Medicare, Social Security, health care, education, infrastructure...those all should have been slowly improved throughout the years. But no. People wanted to line their pockets with green and then spent and spent on things they most likely didn't need or couldn't afford. It just baffles me. We could have been doing small incremental changes throughout the years that would have made our country much more efficient and agile, but instead we cut corners, made deals, and decided that my generation and younger will fix your mistakes. Thanks a lot.

johnsopinionFeb. 1, 11 8:01 PM

Judeling, it depends on your perspective. Taxes for SOME are not only lower, they are pretty much NON-EXISTENT, except for sales and sin taxes. For others, they have never been HIGHER. The fact is, there are a LOT of people ripping off the system, and it's no secret. From billionaire pro-sports team owners to the lowest welfare babies, honesty and integrity has been buried in a DITCH.

suzukisvFeb. 1, 11 8:18 PM

Thanks Pagemarsh. It's well written and I believe, quite accurate. And I'm sorry, as a member of one of the "slightly older" generations. This summer, my family traveled to Norway. According to the right wing noise machine, I should have seen a desolate wasteland of ramshackle hovels, filled with angry, apathetic, unimaginative people that demonstrate with every breath, the failures of a social state and democracy. Boy, was I surprised. It was clean, the people are wonderful and the nation beautiful and maybe, just maybe, because they aren't living in fear of losing health care, a place to live or not having access to higher eduction, they might be able to even better focus on their jobs. No place is perfect but it was pretty nice and no one ever came up to us and complained about their truly high taxes or frankly, how they envy us. They appear to have made and educated decision that emphasizes long term vision vs short term greed

LakeliverFeb. 1, 11 8:29 PM

Surprise, surprise. What other M.O. would you expect from this group?

LakeliverFeb. 1, 11 8:45 PM

The place that is becoming "a wasteland of ramshackle hovels" is Ireland, where once again the banks were totally unregulated and allowed the "freedom" to speculate the economy right into the toilet. Remember how much the conservatives were touting Ireland as the poster child for unfettered laissez faire polices, low taxes, yada, yada, yada just a year or two ago? Now in their best twist it, spin it fashion conservatives accuse Ireland of being like Greece, which is a complete lie and entirely bogus analogy.. Yes, they pay higher taxes in the Nordic countries but not to give the fat cats there a needless tax cut or billionaire sports' franchise owners more WELFARE than any other group in the country like here. In the long run they get to keep much more of their own money even though paying higher taxes because ESSENTIALS such as healthcare, education, college, and nursing home care are all paid for by the whole population. Anyone here but the very wealthiest pays far more for healthcare and health insurance than people in those countries do. Money is money and we're certainly not getting our buck's worth from companies such as United HealthGroup, Inc., which paid its CEO 100 MILLION two hundred thousand in 2009 - right in the middle of the worst recession since the Depression. And we're supposed to believe that we're headed for "socialism" in this country? What a complete farce.

buzzard23Feb. 1, 11 8:54 PM

Thank you Senator Berglin for taking time out of your busy schedule to write an opinion piece for the Strib. I appreciate that due to the partisan rhetoric prevalent in politics today, you as a DFLer had to rail against this Republican proposal. Now, do tell, what do YOU propose be done to eliminate the $6B deficit? Here is some simple guidance from a taxpayer: do not waste time writing one-sided opinion articles if you do not have the guts to put forth your own ideas! I know you ate not reading these online comments...but your staffer minion are.

thunderballFeb. 1, 11 8:56 PM

Dayton will limit or nix these draconian cuts! The gopers are just filled with rt wing bad ideas and on it goes,,,,can we redo the past election??? !!!! Good column ,,,spot on!


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