Poison on tap

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 30, 2011 - 1:08 PM

Minnesota's voluntary guidelines on reducing farm runoff aren't working fast enough, critics say.

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olsondanielJan. 29, 1111:42 PM

Clean water is a basic need. We need to grow our food in ways that don't poison our wells.

futuricsJan. 30, 1111:42 AM

Them danged-gummed Farmers is trying ta pizzen us! Throw 'em all in the hoosegow! And make 'um drink water from the creeks down where the cows go flop!

thefossilJan. 30, 1112:22 PM

And how much water is required to make one gallon of ethanol? http://www.minnpost.com/ronway/2009/04/15/8073/university_report_warns_water_consumption_for_corn-ethanol_on_the_rise

jfmn714Jan. 30, 11 7:15 PM

If people would support organic farmers, and stop buying the "cheap" stuff at Cub and other grocery stores, this problem would be curtailed. Years ago, farmers did not farm with these chemicals. It is another excuse for laziness and a not caring attitude which is promoted throughout our society. It is much easier to farm with chemicals than to do the work it takes to farm correctly. It is an attitude of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. If you want everything cheap, you will reap what you get.

dave7410Jan. 30, 11 9:48 PM

Farmers have many regulations on how much fertilizers they can use. We drink the water on the land we farm we would not want to hurt our families or the consumers we are trying to feed. There are many ways to fertilize your crops in a safe way, fertilizer is to expensive to loose we can't afford to waste it. In response to how many gallons of water it takes to make ethanal it takes under 3 gallons to make 1 gallon of ethonal, by comparison it take over 10 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of beer. Thanks

worflarJan. 31, 11 7:21 AM

This is an excellent story. I just hope big farmers read it and will change their ways. Another problem caused by farming is the algae growing in our lakes in the summers now, much of it poisonous. It's appearing earlier in the summer than ever before. Big Ag is destroying our lakes and rivers and soon we won't be able to eat the fish or drink the water and then we'll all have to move. Unfortunately we have some in Congress (Colin Peterson) and some in the Senate (FRanken and Klobuchar) who all support ethanol and biofuels, which are (mostly) disastrous for the environment.

doubledipperFeb. 2, 11 8:32 AM

I live in farm country and because they control the pro-life legislators...I bought a distiller...why drink the poop water when you can buy a distiller with the money you save by not being taxed by a progressive tax system....of course we don't have any government services either but, the city folks subsidize our roads so we can shop in the city.

DavegaebertFeb. 2, 11 8:33 AM

one sure fire way to slow this is give the GOP what they want and end farm welfare (subsidies) payments and stop the over production of corn and beans .

caribeFeb. 2, 11 8:38 AM

dave7410: The point is that MOST farmers are not following the voluntary guidelines and that enforcement of other regulations is rather lax. The contention that we do not know the source of the pollution is ludicrous: in rural areas the ONLY possible source is farmers (there aren't that many lawns to fertilize in rural Brown or Jackson counties!). If farmers aren’t able to produce without poisoning everyone's water supply, then they should be closed down. Their desire to earn a profit does not trump my right to not be poisoned.

mutt10RFeb. 2, 11 8:40 AM

This is only made worse by the use of GE crops, which encourage increased use of agri-chemicals. Poisoning the water is one of the hidden costs that bio-colonialist corporations like Monsanto profit from.


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