Failure to pay water bill results in icy waterfall

  • Article by: JAMES ELI SHIFFER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 30, 2011 - 6:42 AM

Gusher demonstrates problems with enforcing little-known rule in Minneapolis.

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janenjohnJan. 29, 11 5:32 PM

No pictures?!

elwher2Jan. 29, 11 6:05 PM

The guy bought four houses? Wonder why our housing market collapsed =)

ekholmJan. 29, 11 6:25 PM

A company not to business with - Do you want General contractor Erik Laine (lic # 20632262) working on your house, when he cant even fix the houses he owns? Why couldn't he, being a licensed general contractor 12/5/2008, repair or find a plumber to fix a broken pipe? You would also expect Erik, someone who had a real estate license (lic# 40093959), to know the real estate and rental laws of Minnesota and the cities he did business in. Doing a search for 'Minneapolis rental laws' comes up with the first link being the city of Minneapolis website stating why a rental license is required to rent a dwelling, including a house or duplex in Minneapolis. The whistle to be blown here is not at the city, but at a real estate investor trying to make a quick buck on a house flip which failed horribly.

stryper1961Jan. 29, 11 6:31 PM

....yeah the city is johnny on the spot when there is a property that they know will speak up and pay once the water is turned off to the tune of $100 per time for one guy to get out of a truck and turn you off in 5 minutes or less. Now the city has by not doing what they most certainly have threatened to do allowed or even caused a property to sustain significant damage. Their policies should be enforced and acted upon equally irregardless of the circumstance....If i were the owner of that property i'd sue the city.

ovie3420Jan. 29, 11 6:37 PM

@ekholm- Love when the commenters dig deeper and are more insightful than the writers on staff! Good show...

RogerJan. 29, 11 7:39 PM

They are ripping people off just like centerpoint engery is and excel energy charging outragous sums of money and claiming they cant read your meters and they are responsible for it and even charge you for it.

daylateJan. 29, 11 8:15 PM

It’s not all the city’s fault. If you drain the swamp, lots of creatures will be exposed. And do you think you know the whole story about Mr. Laine? Maybe, maybe not. At one time, I bought an apartment building. The agent and sellers put on a well-orchestrated show. Three weeks after purchase, I found out that Mr. Deegan’s group was about to condemn the building I had just purchased, due to severe drug issues. Deegan’s office had no way of knowing the deadbeat husband/wife seller were flying under the radar, marketing the building but not on the MLS. It took me nearly two years of Housing Court battles to get all the crackheads out. After two more years of fixing while fending off vandalism, robbery, more crackheads, and a knife attack, I walked away. I had obtained all the licenses, I had paid all the bills, and my 911 calls had gone from off the chart to nearly zero. Still, it was not enough to stem the bleeding of dollars and energy. I was beaten. A lifetime of savings was gone, and I could easily have lost my wife and kids. Deegan? He wanted me to go away. The MN Board of Realtors? Their ‘spokeswoman’ would not speak to me, but hid behind emails, scolding me for suggesting the realtor was a predator. However, their rebuttal was very prompt and polished when I was asked to speak to a MN House subcommitte. The sellers? They crawled under a rock. Unlisted number. Politicians? Sympathetic, but they have bigger fish to fry. My realtor? He was featured a few years ago in a realty journal that praised him for “helping people”. The seller’s realtor? He has resurfaced at another realty office. I’d like to name him and his client but that’s not critical critical to the story.

mnpls123Jan. 29, 11 8:32 PM

A fool and his money...

daylateJan. 29, 11 8:41 PM


SupervonJan. 29, 11 8:56 PM

So, the end word in this is that "afforable housing" is not allowed unless government takes it away from the homeowner. This is the future.


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