Jeff Davis: Why Gov. Dayton should sign a voter ID bill

  • Article by: JEFF DAVIS
  • Updated: January 30, 2011 - 6:13 PM
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raygunrevoltJan. 30, 11 5:40 PM

Is it just me or is the headline in conflict with the point of the commentary? "Jeff Davis: Why Gov. Dayton should sign a veto voter ID bill"

johnsopinionJan. 30, 11 5:46 PM

Doesn't matter, Jeff Davis is absolutely correct. Should have happened 10 freaking years ago. If dayton can't get this one right, he won't get anything right.

TreetoplevelJan. 30, 11 6:08 PM

"Focusing like a laser on the economy and jobs" There is a cost, but Kiffmeyer said she wasn’t sure of a price tag. The estimated costs could be as much as $40 million. A recent survey of county attorneys reported that a total of 26 fraudulent voters and 12 who broke the law on registering in Minnesota during the 2008 election; all of them were felons who weren't allowed to vote. Photo ID can stop only one kind of fraud, impersonation of another voter.

maverick30usJan. 30, 11 6:14 PM

Harsh jail sentences and the will to convict the criminals are a way to stop fraudulent voting. I see no problem with requiring a photo ID. No ID no vote. Plain and simple!

jk12345Jan. 30, 11 6:16 PM

It's issues like this that make me wonder why any citizen would vote for a Democrat. What's wrong with making someone prove their identity? I have to show my identity at the bank and every where else. I don't want my vote cancelled by an illegal alien or felon. Dayton would not be governor if voters had to prove their identity.

furguson11Jan. 30, 11 6:32 PM

This is a thinly designed proposal to support the GOP and keep poor people away from the polls.

furguson11Jan. 30, 11 6:33 PM

"Harsh jail sentences and the will to convict the criminals are a way to stop fraudulent voting" I think paying $70-110 to jail voter fraud folks is a poor use of resources. Plus how many have been convicted so far?

ebfauvelJan. 30, 11 6:50 PM

I certainly hope the Republicans don't resort to the constitutional amendment route every time Dayton vetoes one of their bills....

maverick30usJan. 30, 11 6:51 PM

furguson11-you would rather let people vote as many times as they want. In my comment "will to convict" are key words there. Or maybe we should just send them back to their home countries if they are illegal aliens.

davesthe1Jan. 30, 11 6:53 PM

who wouldn't also support "motor voter to go along with it ?" let me guess...


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