Jason Marisam: Voter ID bill - a solution in search of a problem?

  • Article by: JASON MARISAM
  • Updated: January 30, 2011 - 6:01 PM

If you think about it, the kind of fraud being targeted is quite unlikely.

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raygunrevoltJan. 30, 11 5:45 PM

There is absolutely ZERO reason why we shouldn't have to verify our identity while voting. They left gets all up in arms about the "disenfranchisement" of the poor, elderly, etc. not being able to obtain a state-issued ID card. However, they have no problem rounding up busload by busload of these people to take them to the polls on election day. You'd think that they could do this to help people get their IDs.

bigticketJan. 30, 11 5:56 PM

I'm stunned that someone in higher ed academia is against showing an ID to vote. Whats next? Finding out that almost all professors with tenure are progressives?

jk12345Jan. 30, 11 6:21 PM

It would prevent "not much" fraud. Dayton and Franken won by "not many" votes. Democrats don't mind getting illegal votes, because they prey on the downtrodden. They make grand promises that can never be delivered with our huge debt and huge budget deficits. Government can't be all things to all people. At some point, people need to be responsible and live within their means and work hard.

RF6700Jan. 30, 11 6:26 PM

Minnesota has the most liberal voting rules in the country and this needs to change before the next election. Any illegal alien or other non-citizen can easily same day vote with a registered democrat voter as his/her voucher or some form of utility bill, and there is a good chance that foreign illegal aliens decided our recent close elections of Coleman/Franken and Emmer/Dayton.

RF6700Jan. 30, 11 6:31 PM

Democrats depend on vote fraud to win close elections, which is why they are against common sense ID requirements at the the polls.

ranger78Jan. 30, 11 6:38 PM

If for no other reason, improving the voting process should always be something we strive for. Oh and who says we need to spend $20 million with Data Card? State issued IDs will work fine.

savagedruidsJan. 30, 11 8:36 PM

How many people do not have a photo ID? Can you get welfare or subsidized housing without a photo ID? Cash a check? Open a bank account? How do you pay bills? Who doesn't have one? Anyone who wants want could get a "get out the vote" group to buy them one.

tracyeberlyJan. 30, 11 8:46 PM

Over 700 felons voted in the Franken/Coleman race and Al won by less than 400 votes. There is all the reasons you need for this law. Many MN precints reported more votes than residents, this too has to stop. I agree that absentee votes are a problem, but we can tackle that issue next. This law is long overdue in MN.

lund1024Jan. 30, 11 9:32 PM

Photo IDs will disproportionately disenfranchise the poor. Possessing the resources to even travel to a government building during business hours can be a strain for those who do not possess a car, work long hours, etc. Putting one more obstacle in the way of a group of people is disenfranchisement. If the state government can afford to go house to house, street to street, person to person, and provide everyone with an ID it may work. Personally, I don't want to pay for that in this stretched economy. As it is, we cant' afford to pay teachers or state workers. Also, most research suggests that mail-in voting is where fraud is most prevalent--votes which are predominantly Republican, by the way. And I don't know where you read or heard 700 felons voted, TracyBerly, but I question your source.

lund1024Jan. 30, 11 9:35 PM

Oh, and there should be no way to trace whether those felons voted for Republicans or Democrats. And if you could, those votes would be discounted because votes must be anonymous.


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