Abortion foes begin new battle at Capitol

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 24, 2011 - 11:48 AM

Efforts to restrict abortion gain strength across U.S.

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b127oaktreeJan. 22, 11 7:27 PM

Nothing but a right wing attempt to block a Nobel Prize for Dr Kermit Gosnell.

nofliesonJan. 22, 11 7:43 PM

The pro-lifers care more for the unborn then they do for the already born. They are born and then forgotten. Abortion is such a non-issue. If you are against abortion, don't have one. And if you really care instead of hollering and picketing clinics offer them a different way out. Whether it be money, a roof, food, school or what have you. But no, you only offer your scorn and harsh words. Pro-life people never engage those that are going to the clinics in a dialogue and try to understand. With you micro-cephalics it is always your way, and your way is always hollering and screaming so no one else's voice is heard.... Pathetic.....

minnsnowdogJan. 22, 11 7:43 PM

This may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, but the mega-corporate masters in charge of Republican lawmakers will never, ever let tough laws get passed against terminating pregnancies. Why? because if such laws were passed, the single-issue voters who call themselves "pro-life" (translation: no choice) would have finally reached their goal. If this happened, the far-right social conservatives would, in the future, have less reason to go vote, and the Republican party could then be in serious trouble of staying in power. The corporate masters of Republicans know that in order to stay in power, they must, absolutely must have the votes of those less educated in how the other positions of the Republican platform actually harm, greatly, the average citizen of the U.S., including those single-issue voters. This "pro-life" position is the red meat dangling forever for these voters, and if that appetite ever gets satiated, the far right will be in big, big trouble.

samo45Jan. 22, 11 7:59 PM

Absolutely true, minnsnowdog. Abortion is the ultimate "wedge issue." I'm not crazy about abortion either, but we also need to treat living, breathing Americans better, and that includes how we raise our children.

jimiekJan. 22, 11 7:59 PM

The "PRO LIFE" hoax--- You have rights until you are born. After that you are on your own, You get notting! The problem is these people don't HAVE a life. And, they want to ake sure that no one else has one.

lvpops53Jan. 22, 11 8:06 PM

I'm just amazed that all these laypersons know EXACTLY when life begins when NONE of the real experts know.

carl12345Jan. 22, 11 8:07 PM

I've sought pregnancy care at a public hospital (covered by my private insurance) and had some child stick a photo of an aborted baby in my face in the process. I was insulted, enraged someone would use their 8 year old this way and, having had babies under difficult circumstances just put-off. Abortion is one of those "button" issues and most of us just want better choices for women,like more effective birth control, husbands/partners, childcare solutions and better job opportunities and pay. I wish this option didn't exist, but wish more that the need for it was eliminated by loving supportive societal options. Drs who promote abortion fail families. Families are a gift and should be supported, not eliminated. Give us access to the supports we need and let this issue turn to dust. Healthcare anyone? Pay for birth control. Why is Viagra covered but contraception not? It's the stupid inequity of a male dominated system.

sarahanneJan. 22, 11 8:09 PM

So the Republicans want to force women to have the baby and cut social services which would give these babies a chance in life. If they want to eliminate abortion then they will have to figure a way to give support to children in ways that the mother cannot. Every legislature member or someone who supports this proposal should be forced to adopt any newborn that this would effect.

lvpops53Jan. 22, 11 8:10 PM

I am neither pro life nor pro abortion. I am pro choice. I believe that each woman or family has the right to decide if they are going to keep the baby or not. It is their decision to make. What this really means is that it is no one else's business what happens with my family. Just as it is none of MY business what happens with yours. Why don't you try minding your own business for once, and keep your nose out of mine.

hockeydadmnJan. 22, 11 8:10 PM

To assume all conservatives are against abortion is wrong. True conservatives believe in personal freedoms, over government control. With those personal freedoms, comes the responsibility for your own actions. The Minnesota legislature is correct in stopping government funding of a personal choice procedure. They are not outlawing abortion, just the spending public funds for a personal choice procedure.


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