Packers coach McCarthy is better than legendary Lombardi

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 19, 2011 - 6:55 AM

Mike McCarthy will need to win about five Super Bowls before most Packers fans will elevate him to Vince Lombardi's exalted status, but I say he's already a better coach.

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nitetrainJan. 18, 11 7:47 PM

Too bad when the Vikings had an opportunity to go after Mike McCarthy in 2006, they interviewed, held and hired Brad Childress instead. Just another opportunity wasted.

JMaximaJan. 18, 11 7:49 PM

Jim, What have you been smoking? LMAO. Are you and Favre in kahoots today or what?

DavidL11Jan. 18, 11 7:52 PM

This is a very important and relevant argument. I'm being sarcastic, of course. Why would anyone care to choose between coaches from completely different eras? What a lousy column. I'd rather read the girl with the blog that gushes over Gopher basketball players.

jimmyolsonJan. 18, 11 7:55 PM


StrohkirchJan. 18, 11 8:15 PM

ROTFLMBO--You guys are funny commenting here about Souhan. By even making a comment, you assure him of keeping his job one more week. You wonder why the celebrities in Hollywood don't care if the publicity is bad or good, any publicity is good because it puts your name in the headlines. Whether McCarthy is as good as Vince Lombardi is not the story here, it's about whether Jim Souhan or Sid Hartmann have written something to which you all feel you have to say "Yay or Nay" to and by doing so make the paper see them as a well they can keep going to for stories.

bherrsky77Jan. 18, 11 8:27 PM

Strohkirch...I totally believe your statements are true, and I totally don't want to comment on maybe the dumbest article I have read in 52 years. Sorry, could not let this one go!

emptytrphycsJan. 18, 11 8:29 PM

I wonder why this article was NOT in the "pay to read" premium category??? Jimbo must not have met the minimum subscribers!!!

lannys9Jan. 18, 11 8:36 PM

The only thing wrong with this column is that it was not one of his regular ones which you have to subscribe to on line. If it had been I would not have bothered to read it, not just because I am cheap, which I probably am, but because this crap really stinks. Let me see Eagles 112 Vikings 3. That is the last thing I read by Souhan. I even had to go back and look later because I thought it had to be Reusse. But no it was Mr Souhan.

JAK0366Jan. 18, 11 8:59 PM

I wish this article was in the "Premium" section so I wouldn't have been able to read it...

rho1953Jan. 18, 11 9:05 PM

This is exactly like comparing modern players to the ones of the sixties. Obviously todays' players are bigger and faster but with modern training and year round conditioning the stars of the sixties would be stars today. It is the heart and drive that makes champions stand apart. A driven man like Lombardi would adjust. John Madden spoke of attending a Lombardi seminar when he was a young coach. Lombardi spoke for eight hours on one play, the Packer power sweep. Madden walked away convinced that he knew absolutely nothing compared to Lombardi. Vince was a winner, but I believe McCarthy will win titles in Green Bay as well. Time will judge his relative worth to Lombardi.


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