A man of many jobs, but do any of them conflict?

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 18, 2011 - 7:02 AM

Michael Brodkorb holds two jobs with the Senate's GOP majority and also is deputy chair of the party.

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vegas2112Jan. 17, 1110:19 PM

The first time I heard Brodkorb speak was on a Sunday morning political program. With a straight face, he claimed that Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann were the "gold standard" of the GOP. What more would you possibly need to know about this guy?

apaliniteJan. 17, 1110:23 PM

Brings new meaning to the phrase "On the government dole".

KruegerJan. 17, 1111:04 PM

No! No! No! This arrangement doesn't pass any smell test one could think of. But leave it to the GOP to try to figure out a way to sell this BS. Man, the guy Walker doesn't need a job that bad does he?

vegas2112Jan. 17, 1111:34 PM

Appointing someone like Brodkorp as your communications director speaks volumes about the judgment of Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch -- and it is not flattering.

samo45Jan. 17, 1111:41 PM

Why is it that so many from that party are so out-of-shape and unhealthy looking? DWIs aren't a good thing either. Mental health should matter too. I'm not a big Pawlenty supporter, but at least the man sounds sane and doesn't look like he'd rather drink a six-pack of Budweiser than eat a vegetable or get some fresh air and physical exercise.

wcentralJan. 17, 1111:44 PM

Just another day of obfuscation, foggy thinking, lapse of ethics, cobbled together to justify what wouldn't be acceptable to any gov't worker in this state. If he's on the state payroll, he can't be overtly political. But like Bush's torture logic, or Pawlenty's pay for work prior to winning his 1st term, (work he didn't remember any specifics of), or Palin's quitting her job to help her qualify for a Presidential bid, ethics, morals, and integrity seem to be lost to Tea Party Republicans who belong to Sam's Club.

goodpubpolJan. 18, 1112:02 AM

This "story" is what happens when the reporter has no Capitol institutional memory. The stuff DFL majority staff used to routinely pull -- including soliciting major campaign donations for caucus party units from the Capitol and the State Office Building -- was far more egregious than any Brodkorb tweets or speeches made on his own time.

pic6325Jan. 18, 1112:11 AM

If the same situation existed with a Democrat these two guys would be making a big issue out of it. Nice picture of Sutton, perfectly captures his personality.

JoeMacJan. 18, 1112:47 AM

Tony Sutton in his own right is a successful business man, granted it's the restaurant business but you couldn't of guessed that. To be honest, I am a Repub from MN but my time is comming close to an end. I am likely to move myself and my business out of state as MN is stuck in 1971. Sorry it's true, Dayton as Governor!!!?? They don't even own target anymore. Sorry everyone, but MN is so liberal, so taxed burdened and so behind the times that it's better to move on than fight the good fight. I love the place and will be back for the summers but, sorry, you can't run a business or raise your own family here without raising everyone else's.

hendersonmjJan. 18, 11 5:32 AM

People have been charged with theft of services for distractions that detract from doing their job.


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