Reform the NCAA? Group's new president has his hands full

  • Article by: RACHEL BLOUNT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 19, 2011 - 12:34 AM
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nolibbyJan. 18, 11 6:22 AM

Pay the great athletes, maybe they'll stay in school longer, like the old days. Phonies.

mediablamerJan. 18, 11 7:56 AM

If the NCAA wants athletes to stop "trading on their standing as star student-athletes for money or benefits" than the NCAA needs to stop trading on their standing as start student-athletes for money or benefits. It's painfully obvious that money is the only motivating factor for the big decision makers in the NCAA. As long as the powers-that-be put money ahead of the "spirit" of the game, should we expect any different of the students? Change starts at the top.

glenlivetJan. 18, 11 9:07 AM

Let me sanitize my earlier (deleted) remarks. Emmert is the President, and obviously was pushed to make a decision regarding the Ohio State 5. Instead of announcing the major violations and determining the penalty, he chose to negotiate with Ohio State, so the school never could show it was "damaged" by the NCAA. He's unfit for the job as President--if there are going to be penalties, penalize the member schools and their fans. All other member schools take note--he's a coward.

glenlivetJan. 18, 11 9:15 AM

Further--If I was the University of Georgia, I'd site the decision on Ohio State versus the NCAA decision on A.J. Green, who sold an Independence Bowl jersey to an agent for $1000, and was suspended for 4 games. If you don't think they're upset--and are going to let Emmert off the hook, you're badly mistaken.

BurntsideJan. 18, 11 9:49 AM

1. Reinstate the rule prohibiting freshman eligibility. This would establish the individual as a student before he can begin playing. Allow four years of eligibility after that. 2. Reduce the number of scholarships permitted per school to spread the talent more thus evening competitiveness. 3. If a scholarship student-athlete leaves a program (hardships exempted), that scholarship must be awarded to a non-athlete scholar until it expires. This would encourage schools to recruit better students and citizens.

sblakeupJan. 18, 1110:48 AM

Burntside -- I think your ideas have merit even if they are only starting points for discussion. If the NCAA continues to milk the cash cows that are television rights and payouts for football bowl games and the basketball tournament, they'll have a difficult time proclaiming that it's all about Student Athletes and Academics. Clearly, that is NOT what it is all about in football and basketball -- it's all about the payola instead. This is not a small conflict of interest for the NCAA. Perhaps it is naive for any of us to believe in a purist model where a high school star athlete trades his athletic talents for a Division I college education anymore. For the sake of this argument, should we limit the scope of our discussion to D-I men's basketball and football? There are some athletes who benefit from the current play-for-scholarship model, some who get chewed up and cast aside by the system (injuries) and some who are set up for academic failure because they lack the ability to succeed in a collegiate academic environment. In this big money environment, collegiate athletics really are often functioning as pseudo-Minor Leagues for the NFL and NBA. Should the collegiate football and basketball players in D-I be compensated as such, or, should the NFL and NBA follow the MLB and NHL models where minor leagues exist for players leaving high school to develop their skills (create their own minor league systems) without any sham of playing in exchange for an education? With less TV money involved, the I-AA and D-II football and D-II basketball programs don't seem (to me) to be burdened with the same frequency or magnitude of financial scandals related to student athletes. In D-III, rules prohibit awarding athletic scholarships so there is not supposed to be the same conflict of interest where revenue generating sports cause academics to take a backseat (although it might be naive to think it never happens). The existence of true minor leagues for the NFL and NBA that draft high school-aged players (I'm not counting the NBA Developmental League as a true minor league because the players assigned there seem to have collegiate playing experience) might mean that students playing D-I football and basketball are really trading their skills for an education instead of banking on careers in the NFL and NBA. Would the presence of true NFL and NBA minor leagues kill the NCAA TV-money cash cow for football and basketball? Maybe. Would the NFL and NBA have any interest in the capital outlay that would be necessary to create true minor leagues for their sports, or could the major leagues attract enough investors/"owners" to develop real minor leagues? Maybe. And maybe I'm completely full of it. Just my thoughts off hand.

glenlivetJan. 18, 1111:28 AM

Bottom line, Emmert had a chance to exercise appropriate authority, in a way that would have fair, by preventing the OSU 5 from playing in the Sugar Bowl, and he couldn't do it. That passes for leadership? Before you can consider any restructuring remedies, you still are dependent on men to carry out the decisions, sadly, there aren't any "Bart Giammattis" around anymore.

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