Sid Hartman: Frazier keeping Dunbar, Stewart

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 16, 2011 - 12:42 AM

As the new Vikings coach shuffles his staff lineup, some are leaving, others are arriving and a few are staying put.

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danroseJan. 15, 11 8:54 PM

nice article as usual Sid, it is too bad that your wisdom and knowledge of the sports landscape in this town has not rubbed off on Patrick Reusse who is spending his weekend carving up the Vikings ownership.

avery2Jan. 15, 11 9:21 PM

boring, boring, boring article...... the only thing of interest was when you said Decker had a "solid" season, when he only had six catches for the year....

Daniel888Jan. 15, 11 9:34 PM

Make up your mind, does Nolan and the Gophers miss Joseph or not? I'd say they don't miss him.

garrw9Jan. 15, 11 9:34 PM

Did Ted Roof change his name?

Daniel888Jan. 15, 11 9:36 PM

After watching the Packers destroy a very good Atlanta team on their home thinks the Vikings have a long way to be competitive next season. Offensive line, Wide Receivers, Dbacks, and, oh yeah, a solid QB. I like Joe Webb but he is not quite Aaron Rodgers or Matt Ryan.

toosweet64Jan. 15, 1110:57 PM

It's amazing how Sid still finds a way to work the name of Childress and Brewster into every column. It's becoming pathetic...

exbourneJan. 16, 11 3:45 AM

Look from everything Ive seen from Dunbar.. A great coach..Im glad to have him back.. Singletary WILL Be a Viking coach,,That will be great!!! Very great! I think Josh Mac has a better overall offence with the Vikes than he has with the Rams.. Shoot!!!! If This all plays out we might have the best coaching staff in the league!!! We get a great project player at 13? My Hope is O Lineman...I believe in Studwell as a talent picker.. QB Still will be an issue as well as the 2ndary. We shall see how this all plays out.. By The Way All My Vkie nation... I will be the 1st to say Im Soooo Glad TJ,Hushmanicantholdapassa Did not sign with us

vikingchampsJan. 16, 11 5:18 AM

I think Dunbar is a good coach not so sure or sold on the idea of retaining Stewart The receivers for the Vikings have had trouble with press coverage, other than Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin we really don't have good receivers unless someone emerges from the practice squad. I don't see Stewart coaching ability as an asset short of the two receivers already mentioned, the rest don't seem to be willing to block down field and run crisp routes or for that matter catch the ball very well,Camarillo maybe. Berrian is a welfare case receiving money for something he is not doing "Receiving"!He is dead weight along with several free agents that don't need to be retained. The list is the long to mention them all,in other positions included.

fidelcastroJan. 16, 11 6:29 AM

'None of those -- including Childress, who also has two years left on his contract -- has received a job so far'- and they won't either, who would want them? maybe a college team if they are lucky.....pretty sure chilly's favorite back up qb isn't going to get a job anywhere either...he is/was a nice guy tavaris, maybe he can play in canada or go to duluth or marshall mn, a community college somewhere, he might have enuff talent to be the starter there, he should take a few courses and get a 'fall-back' education...i wish them all well of course, just somewhere else though pls- i am a 35 yr vikings fan.....seems this frazer might do a good job-- go vikes! 2011 is gonna be our year! hire vick for qb ( ill lock my dog in the garage :)

walleeJan. 16, 11 7:08 AM

Anyone that watched the Falcons/Pack last night should be very afraid! With our present coaching staff and quality of personnel it doesn't look like we will be competitive anytime soon. Maintaining our present coaches tell me the thought is that there wasn't much wrong other then the head coach - nothing could be farther from the truth! Our offense stunk and our defense couldn't stop the Siters of the Poor (and that is giving the Sisters a bad rap).We have no QB (if any of you moran's think TJack or Webb are in the same class as Rodgers all I can say is OMG), our line is garbage, and the entire defense needs to replaced. It was fun (and fustrating at the same time) to watch a team put an effort forward last night. We need to trade AP, Rice, Harvin, and Cook for draft choices and start all over. That will take 2-3 years, which is no different then what we are going to experience anyway. By the time we develop a QB, AP will be past his prime. We need a franchise QB (and NO not that bum Newton - he's a thug and will be another Vince Young)


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