Wolves are still bad, but at least they're bad and have a plan

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 12, 2011 - 5:44 AM

The Wolves have been so bad for so long that we view every loss as the latest indictment of a criminally stupid organization, instead of recognizing that this year's failures are different from last year's failures, and all of the failures since '05.

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BCanniffJan. 11, 1110:39 PM

A rave review from Soo? For the T-pups? Have another!

Daniel888Jan. 11, 1110:42 PM

Nailed it! Liked it.

samo45Jan. 11, 1110:45 PM

Good article. Puts it all into perspective. But I wonder what's going through Rubio's head these days.

PooOnUJan. 11, 1110:53 PM

Let's be honest. Tonight, Beasley lost the game for the Wolves. He and Flynn should not have been on the court. Beasley because of his obvious injury; Flynn because he is no good.

claybo4144Jan. 11, 1111:02 PM

If the Woplves have a plan, I wish they would share it with their fans. KR is not a quality NBA coach and he should never have gotten that position, and yes, this team stinks...no doubt about it....with that being said, lets hope that they can get a decent lottery choice and draft someone who will finally help our team out.

snoozecruiseJan. 11, 1111:22 PM

I agree that Beasely should not have been on the court and that Rambis should not be the coach. Now Beasely has a more severely sprained ankle, and we're stuck with Rambis, who wants us to see this as year one. So that means he gets a pass for this year and probably next year too. Good article, though Soo should have ripped Darko. "Soft as cashmere" is a good start, but what about his nonexistant offensive skills, except when he's one foot from the basket with his left hand. Even then, it's anyone's guess as to whether it will go in.

tstavern007Jan. 11, 1111:24 PM

I can't help but he a Wolves fan despite recent lack of success. I enjoy the product this year and do believe that has something to do with Kahn. I think the jury is still out on Rambis, he seems to be waiting for the real players to show up or something of the sort. I think he needs to focus more on this is who you have now (and probably a lot of them for the next several years) so lets try to win as many with who we have. Love the one your with!!

wolvesdennbaJan. 12, 11 1:46 AM

Cheers Jim. Yes, they sort of have a plan. I think we can't gloss over the DeMarcus Cousins miss though. We can't continue to miss these prospects; that's what a business in our position does, take risks. Wes Johnson has looked bad, basically a spot-up shooter and if he's off he doesn't provide anything. DeMarcus has attitude problems but it took him a month to essentially be a 20-10 guy and a respectable force in the middle. Martell has been good and probably will provide most of the punch without Beasley around for a while. Conewalker www.wolvesdenhoops.com

wolvesdennbaJan. 12, 11 1:47 AM

Nice job bringing up the classics like JR though Jim.

ORIOLE75Jan. 12, 11 5:44 AM

Hate to spoil the party but this team gives up more points than any other in the league. Until they fix the Defense, it's 9-30 forever.


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