Mark Craig: Why not Hasselbeck here?

  • Article by: MARK CRAIG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 11, 2011 - 7:28 AM

The veteran QB appears to still have a little bit left in the tank, and it doesn't appear he will be back with Seattle.

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jkruzitJan. 10, 1110:09 PM

He is also a former Packer, so that Viking prerequisite has been met.

UncadotJan. 10, 1110:13 PM

Mark, Don't give em any ideas! I'm tired of old retreads running the offense. I'd rather have a couple of years struggling and training a young future QB that any more of what we have had.

ganjedJan. 11, 11 6:35 AM

PLEASE NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! For heavens sake, lets develope a long terb QB. These old relics teh Vikes have been importing since Jim Mcmahon in 1993. Daunte Culpepper we have done this on and kept for a few years. So two years of Hasselbeck while we put it 'all in' again and tehn have a broken, old quarterback and a quarterback of the future problem in a year or 2. I am geting to the point where a Vikings team moving to LA angers me less each year.

chazpattonJan. 11, 11 6:36 AM

QUOTE from Craig: "In the best performance of his 10 postseason games and possibly his entire 12-year career, Hasselbeck led the Seahawks back from two 10-point deficits before pulling off the 41-36 victory at Qwest Field."----------------------------- Mark, are you active in the stock market? If you are, you must be a "buy high, sell low" kind of investor. You're right; that may have been the very best performance of Hasselbeck's career... which means simply it is all downhill from here! Let's aim a little higher than Haselbeck.

charles3Jan. 11, 11 6:51 AM

But he probably dosen't want to play behind Bart for the next four or five seasons.

shanzmanJan. 11, 11 7:07 AM

Legitimate QB, Culpepper? LMAO!

dr9900Jan. 11, 11 7:12 AM

No....we don't need another average qb if we're to go anywhere. If you need a short term fix, bring in McNab-

Bphat1Jan. 11, 11 7:26 AM

No, no, no. Terrible idea. Hasselbeck is done. Anyone that watched any other game besides Saturday's game knows this. You'd think Craig would have watched at least one other game this season before writing this. Or at least looked at the guy's regular season stats. Orton gives us our best chance of winning next year while we develop someone for a year or two. Go get him...

solo44Jan. 11, 11 7:27 AM

If you watched Seattle play this year, you'd know that Hasselbeck has been his typical below average self all season, and this past weekend was an aberration.

nickboyleJan. 11, 11 7:27 AM

The last thing the Vikings need is a 35 year old QB.


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