Lakeville faces school closing, program cuts

  • Article by: SARAH LEMAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 5, 2011 - 11:06 PM

Enrollment in the once-booming district is on the decline, and budget shortfalls call for major changes.

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morejusticeJan. 5, 1111:29 PM

So what? Not anyone else's problem except Lakeville's!

panndderJan. 5, 1111:38 PM

As a resident of Lakeville who voted yes on all three referendum questions, I just hope that my affluent neighbors spend their $300 wisely. Don't squander this fortune that your actions have bestowed upon you.

dashackJan. 5, 1111:55 PM

This is what happens when we only dedicate half the state's budget on education when it should be more like 90% of the budget. We can always cut snow plows, police, and fire to make up for any shortfalls. There is no reason we can't pay good money to run empty schools and still keep everyone employed. It just makes good sense!

garagewineJan. 6, 1112:18 AM

Declining enrollment? Who would have guessed that Lakeville would become a yuppie haven?

dennygreenJan. 6, 1112:23 AM

Larry Thompson, where are you? LMAO - This PROVES Eden Prairie is smarter - ONE high school... not 2, now where is Lakeville at? What a total joke and waste of peoples money. You guys could not learn from Edina, Boomington - both over built schools then had to close them. FOOLS! The proof is in the pudding!

moozeekfanJan. 6, 1112:54 AM

I went to LHS (now Lakeville North) back in the day, and it's sad to see what's going on. This isn't the result of one failed levy, this is a product of voters refusing to fund the schools in Lakeville for over a decade. Is it such a surprise that when you don't pay for schools, at some point they're not going to be good anymore? Class sizes of 40 at the high schools, I would guess that Orchard Lake or Christina Huddleston would be the school that closes, based on age and proximity. The end of certain after-school programs, the increased costs to participate in the ones that are left. I don't even have kids, and this is frustrating to watch this happen in a school system where I received a quality education.

dashackJan. 6, 11 1:12 AM

I agree. It's shameful these stupid greedy people feel the need to keep their pawltry $300. That's like a tip at a fine restaurant for one night. And I suppose these misers will want to keep the next $300 and the next $300 and the next $300 and so on and so forth. The nerve!

guffmanJan. 6, 11 1:18 AM

This is what happens naturally. Ebb and flow of population. Teachers are not immune to this. Using Federal funds is only bailing out teachers jobs. Class size increases? Big deal. Kids learn fine in classrooms larger than 17 students - that was always a teacher's union tactic to gain more teacher jobs anyway.

joeeeeeeJan. 6, 11 1:22 AM

Not really a surprise. Lakeville is no longer the farthest out in the hayfields. What family of pioneers is going to settle for Lakeville when they can be out in the fields, literally, and have a longer commute from paradise. They punched a brand new elementary school ito a field in New Market, where there are zero jobs and working farms, and it is packed with country commuters kids-how many from the Lakeville district, I don't know. Certainly an efficient use of resources. But, it is all the government's fault; it needs to live within its means.

guffmanJan. 6, 11 1:22 AM

Any of you people who WHINE about a failed levy refuse to listen to the majority of voters who said NO repeatedly. If you feel strongly about contributing more, GO AHEAD and write the check from your funds. You are free to do so. Just don't expect others to fund your pet projects. Put YOUR money where YOUR mouth is and don't count on others to fund your goals for you. Edina closed NO school due to over building! The combined graduation class for my year was 1,000 students. Just another uninformed poster proving his status...


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