Our bill is due: $6.2 billion

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 22, 2011 - 2:43 PM

Starting this week at the State Capitol, a new governor and new legislative leaders will attempt to dig Minnesota out of the $6.2 billion budget hole that it faces over the next two years -- and only exceedingly difficult decisions loom.

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nonewtaxesJan. 2, 11 8:09 AM

The article did not mention the large problem of government pension funding. Citizens resent having to cut back on everything to pay higher taxes for pensions more generous than their own.

sbuffalo45Jan. 2, 11 9:15 AM

As bad as the economy is, some people still have money. Through the taxing authority, we need to take this money from those who have, and give it to the Minnesotans who have no money. It is high time that the process of Lebesraum begins. Get the moving trucks ready. We are going to move the people who live on West Broadway in Minneapolis to the estates on West Ferndale Ave, in Wayzata. Next, we need to make sure that the businesses on East Lake Street in Wayzata can provide the needed goods and services to the new population.

minn55410Jan. 2, 11 9:33 AM

Sbuffalo: why don't you just move to Russia, sounds like you'll like it better there, Comrade. Nonewtaxes: you hit the nail on the head. That point was the elephant in the room that the Star Trib ignored Gov't workers pensions have to be eliminated. Who in the corporate world still gets a pension? They need to start saving for their own retirement just like the rest of us.

chablis28Jan. 2, 11 9:35 AM

Time to start looking at the "hands off" stuff like city, cty, and state employee pensions. Minneapolis spent 2% of its budget on pensions in 2002, just 8 years ago and now, spends 8%??? Duluth went from a $98 million libablilty in 1998 to $300 million this year. This would be a top priorty for reform in my book and a clear cut area for cuts.

chablis28Jan. 2, 11 9:39 AM

The article quoted one town manager as saying that among other cuts they would have to cut back on "misc spending" if thier LGA is cut more. Oh no, not my misc spending!!!!

chablis28Jan. 2, 11 9:43 AM

Interesting, I'm a conservative and pay for a weekly subscription to the Strib. Usually an article like this would have hundreds of responses from Libs who would dominate the posters. I guess when it comes to paying for something themselves rather than have someone else pickup the tab, they're not in. I think thier large absense here says a lot!

MNJonJan. 2, 11 9:54 AM

Welcome to life under the Republicans, who are systematically gutting the Minnesota quality of life.

chablis28Jan. 2, 11 9:56 AM

"On the other hand, the prospect of more cuts to the state workforce or services is stirring dread, too. State government is Minnesota's largest employer. Lop off thousands of jobs, and it could hurt the state's wobbling economy." ###### It's said that the largest employer in MN is government! No wonder Dayton won the inner city counties and thus the governorship where most government employees are concetrated.

chablis28Jan. 2, 1110:25 AM

LGA is a direct transfer from one set of taxpayers to another. Time for local citizens to pay thier own bills and hold thier elected official's spending habits accountable rather then giving them the LGA excuse.

chablis28Jan. 2, 1110:28 AM

nicolaswill, thank you for your well thought out response and civility! You do your side well.


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