Solar projects are lighting the way at parks

  • Article by: TOM MEERSMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 26, 2010 - 9:42 PM

Grants totaling $1 million are funding 22 solar projects, using sales tax money from the clean water, land and legacy amendment passed in 2008.

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birdpeepDec. 26, 10 9:51 PM

Ummmmm, one question. If solar energy and wind would actually save ANY energy and money over time (they don;t in this climate and latitude), why do they need other tax money to fund them? The money could be borrowed at a very low interest rate and the "savings" would pay back the loans with the "free" energy and the savings. Of course, in real life, not Eco Fantasy Land it doesn't work that way.

rufusfringDec. 26, 10 9:53 PM

Great way to save money! Use an in-efficiecnt way to make something work. Sounds like Obama Hussein is involved. Middle class tryint to get a mimimun wage jog and giving money to governmant workers! Hussein !!! We don't buy your socialism any more.

rufusfringDec. 26, 10 9:58 PM

Sure, democrats have jobs.

boomerchickDec. 26, 1010:20 PM

Wow. seemed like a positive to benign article and yet it generates a couple of very angry, ignorant political comments. Actually it has been shown that solar power potential here in MN is as good or better than Jacksonville, FL., for example. Solar works well in cold climates, if it were subsidized to the extent of nuclear power, for example, we would have a lot more clean energy- (talk about inefficient use of tax payer dollars! If nuclear is so good why did the government have to pass a law limiting liability in the event of a nuclear accident? Because no insurance company in their right mind would insure a nuclear power plant otherwise! That's why! Where are all you free market guys on this issue?) After 60 years of nuclear power there is still no answer to nuclear waste. Coal pollutes as well. Solar is so right on so many levels.

jemihamiDec. 26, 1010:26 PM

Sorry, angry ant-politicos, Obama had nothing to do with this.

jjsbrwDec. 26, 1010:28 PM

boomerchick: I'm not sure, but I don't think reason and logic are allowed here. Try to stick to venom and vitriol like everyone else.

woodtick57Dec. 26, 1010:40 PM

Solar works just fine up here on the Canadian border. Our power never goes out...ever!

atvohvjoeDec. 26, 1010:42 PM

Mention solar power and regressives use ignorance to formulate reason.

itsmeddcDec. 26, 1011:43 PM

If you look and see all the solar panel makers have been purchased by big oil, panel cost is high and output low. Most installs are for the Government. and purchased with our taxes. Going green is just another way to rip us off.

dtmonkeyboyDec. 27, 1012:00 AM

It is impossible to get a loan for solar power...banks simply won't loan money these days...that is why the government is needed to give the money, because otherwise the rich control the country.


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