Musicians from Burnsville shows say they were hoodwinked

  • Article by: JOY POWELL , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 25, 2010 - 9:21 PM

Angered musicians playing at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center say a producer known for stiffing others has given a repeat performance by failing to pay their stipends.

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leeroyjenkinDec. 25, 1011:07 PM

I am developing a musical. It's called "Burnsville PAC: A Story of Competent Local Government Leadership and Fiscal Responsibility" Naturally, Elizabeth Kautz will be playing the lead role but will blame everyone else for her poor performance.

bvilwatchdogDec. 25, 1011:22 PM

Once again the problem can be traced back to VenuWorks, the PAC management company and their inability to perform. It appears that Mayor Kautz can only apologize to the orchestra members who didn't get paid. Maybe she should start apologizing to the Burnsville taxpayer for her PAC vision nightmare that is costing a million plus dollars a year. Now for the final production by Von Feldt's Burnsville Civic Opera of "Peter Pan" the audience will be treated to recorded music rather then a live orchestra. Of coarse there will be no reduction in ticket prices. Von Feldt has had problems with non payment of performers in the past and the publicity just keeps on following him.

kennyrogersDec. 25, 1011:55 PM

You're a foul one Mr Von Feldt. You're a nasty wasty skunk. Your heart is full of unwashed socks, Your sole is full of gunk, Mr Von Feldt. The 3 best words that best describe you, are as follows, and I quote, Stink! Stank! Stunk!

laurieloo49Dec. 25, 1011:58 PM

just goes to show how weak the theater business is. are we going to continue to support cons like this via govt grants which are paid for with tax dollars? that is his stated objective, sounds like a liberal wet dream.

maypowDec. 26, 1012:54 AM

My question is....the guy in charge works for a company out of Ames, IA?? So the Burnsville PAC is saying there is no one in MN that can operate the PAC????

surfgirl77Dec. 26, 10 1:27 AM

I love it. Weeks ago Star Tribune did a story on Kevin (see)§ion=/entertainment/onstage&elr=KArksD:aDyaEP:kD:aUg:oaEQDUiacyKUxiDy_0ckkD:aiUr Kevin actually wrote in saying he would sue all of us who bad mouthed him and called him a fraud. Kevin Im still waiting.

surfgirl77Dec. 26, 10 1:31 AM

So I wonder how long it will be before Kevin shows up on here saying he will Sue everyone on here like he did before.

gordysdadDec. 26, 10 2:12 AM

I'm truly sympathetic to the plight of the musicians, I am one. There is little recourse for this sort of situation. Musicians do not expect or receive a greater share if the show makes profits nor can they be expected to share in the losses if there are some. That is the producers job, plain and simple. I can assure you that the venue did not get a lesser rental or did the author and composer get get a smaller residual payment if the show didn't break even. But to my brother and sister musicians; you are also culpable. If you are a capable musician expecting any sort of pay (or stipend) for playing licensed shows for paying audiences the only real protection you have is being a member of the Musicians Union and having a contract. If you are an amateur so be it but you will always be at the mercy of unscrupulous promoters. If you can play at the level required to "cut" a Broadway show score then accept that you are of professional caliber and deserve to join the ranks of other professionals in the union. At least you would not be fighting this battle each by yourselves.

outingDec. 26, 10 2:41 AM

gordysdad: "the only real protection you have is being a member of the Musicians Union..." Sorry but the union does nothing except sit back and collect money from players. It is a joke amongst most respectable musicians in town. I am an accomplished musician and have done hundreds of theater, commercial, covers and original rock gigs, made records, (my age shows) and toured, and I never got screwed. Not once. I am sure there are some who think the union is amazing (laugh) but they never needed to protect me only collect from me til I got wise and stopped paying them. It also didn't hurt me one bit to be "suspended" from that organization.

gfldresidentDec. 26, 10 2:57 AM

The unions just ensure that less people will get hired due to their outrageous pricing and rules. If you are not in the union, you actually have to be TALENTED to get work. Once you're in the union, you can be horid and "get away" with it.


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