Clear path for Vikings at the U

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE and PAUL LEVY , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: December 17, 2010 - 6:37 AM

A ticket plan locked in TCF Bank Stadium for the Vikings-Bears game on Monday night. There won't be alcohol sold, assigned seats or room for everyone with tickets.

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myroldDec. 16, 1012:12 PM

3 initials could easily solve the problem with the Metrodome.. TNT

waltherpDec. 16, 1012:17 PM

Where is the disaster recover plan from the NFL? Or do ya mis-manage all your operations?

waltherpDec. 16, 1012:18 PM

Just have Ziggy buy a new roof and you will be good for another 30-years!

buffsteveDec. 16, 1012:20 PM

Fixing this problem in the dead of winter sounds like a tough job. Let's hope they're able to get it all fixed in time for Twins Fest.

jrock612Dec. 16, 1012:22 PM

God has given us a sign. It's time to build a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.

vikes4ever70Dec. 16, 1012:23 PM

So with the roof in the condition it is in, is the building going to be insurable after the repairs? What are the ramifications if it is not? Is it possible it will then be rendered untenable. If so, how much will it cost tax payers to keep it open per month without tenants or events? Are the MSFC/taxpayers susceptible to litigation from pending renters and event organizers? Has anyone who has stalled or protested the building of a new stadium taken any of these possibilities into account? We need a new building. period. wake up people.

bjames3Dec. 16, 1012:24 PM

You can actually get it down to just two initials, C4. If it's good for the Navy Seal teams it's good enough for the Metrodome. What the Metropolitan Sports Commission should have funded is an RFP for removal of this pathetic, old, dinosaur of a stadium.

jaywalkerDec. 16, 1012:25 PM

What a dump, knock this building down and build a new Vikings stadium. While you are at it, get rid of the useless Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, whom will have no buildings left under their control once the Metrodome is gone.

kevin15kDec. 16, 1012:26 PM

Fix it for Twins Fest? The Twins wanted an outdoor stadium. Why not have Twins Fest outdoors in their own stadium?

cmk61478Dec. 16, 1012:26 PM

I personally do not think you should tear it down and build a stadium in the exact same place. The dome still holds value just not for playing Vikings games at. I just do not think Minnesota needs yet another new stadium when so many cuts are going to have to be made so we do not have a huge deficit. If the owners of the Vikings want a new stadium they should at least be willing to contribute more then half. I believe the tax payers of Minnesota should not be forced to pay for a stadium that the majority just does not want right now.


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