Criminals land jobs as debt collectors

  • Article by: CHRIS SERRES and GLENN HOWATT , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: December 12, 2010 - 4:36 PM

Criminals often lie to get into the debt collections industry. Despite a Minnesota law, rapists thieves and other offenders are cleared to work as collectors -- with access to financial data.

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justmorecrapDec. 12, 1012:35 PM

Unbelievably crooked industry - sounds like a modern day mafia. If you want to know more about these individual collection corporations, go to and read the agency watch list page. It's really alarming what some of these guys will stoop to, and it's no wonder that the "profession" is a magnet for thiefs and low-lives. The big bank corporations write consumer debts off after six months and reduce their taxable income. The pennies that they garner with the resale of the debt to these sleaze balls is nowhere near what they save in reduced corporate income taxes. Maybe the solution would be to either be satisfied with the write off, OR sell the bad debt to the sleaze ball market; but not both?

getlanceDec. 12, 10 1:00 PM

Sure seems like the State of Minnesota is enabling criminal behavior - can RICO be used against a State Agency?

djkmplsDec. 12, 10 2:13 PM

Fox guarding the chicken house.

LicoriceDec. 12, 10 2:19 PM

This industry is scary abusive. Something has to change.

lohi2303Dec. 12, 10 3:59 PM

So let me get this straight.... If you have a bad credit score, but no criminal record, you can't get a job, but if you are a criminal then become a debt collector. Are you serious???

turgidDec. 13, 10 7:48 AM

I wood rAther have CrRiminals hav AXess to OuR BANK Records thAn be TACKSED WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!! Let US kEep MoR of our OWN MoNY ANd We kan skREEN ThesE Peepl OuRseLVs.

deepderbyDec. 13, 10 8:53 AM

What about all the uber crime bosses at the Federal Reserve and it's span banks? The whole fiat money, debt, war profit scam is unconstitutional and that's just to start!! Get out of the big 6 banks! Buy gold and silver! NEVER use a credit card!

jimprwDec. 13, 1010:09 AM now that we know about this issue, be sure to do something about it. Contact your state legislator and demand a quick resolution to this. This is so stupid, no one could make it up. What else is out there? Level 3 sex offenders hired as day care workers? Convicted arsonists getting jobs at the fire station? Unreal.

sunnyreaderDec. 13, 1010:37 AM

This is what smaller government looks like. When you cut and cut and cut agencies that were put in place to protect the public, you have no one left to do the work. It's no surprise that state agencies have cut corners. All of us lose in the process.

basia2186Dec. 13, 1010:53 AM

When I managed low income housing we had a list of "selection criteria". There were about a dozen things you had to have such as: 1 yr. rental history, good (decent) credit, no felonies or violent misdemeanors etc. We also charged a $20.00 application fee to cover the cost of the rental, criminal and credit checks. How about it Minnesota? Require that either of the companies doing the hiring or the applicants. My prospective tenants that paid the application fee usually came up clean. We had a waiting list of pre-approved quality future tenants. Is that so difficult?


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