Older readers kindle fondness for e-readers

  • Article by: BILL WARD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 28, 2010 - 2:46 PM

For those of an advanced age, who are usually slow to embrace technology, this advancement is a perfect fit.

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democratslieNov. 28, 10 6:07 PM

Nice to see these senior citizens spending their Social Security money that the taxpayers provide them on necessities like cell phones and e-readers. Bankrupting the country? Who cares! Gramma got a new iPad!

treehandhldrNov. 28, 10 7:19 PM

DEMOCRATSLIE, you nailed it. Oldsters vote in droves against schools and libraries, screw the youth, I got me a kindle. Gimme more.

tamaymayNov. 28, 10 8:02 PM

Got my mother-in-law a Kindle as her early Christmas present. She loves it for two main reasons: the adjustable font size, and that she no longer needs to store a bunch of books. Not to mention, as much as she reads, she will save a ton of money. ($5 for her last download, for a book that was going for $20+ on Amazon.)

sunflowerNov. 28, 10 8:38 PM

Making a lot of assumptions, aren't you demo & tree? My Mom is late 60's, got a Kindle a couple years ago (stashed a lot of money away in IRAs & 401K), and still donated money to the public library to help them build a new larger one. She also votes for school funding. But then she reads books to educate herself and learn about the world out there. We got my FIL a kindle because in his mid 80s he was having trouble with his eyes and the library doesn' have so many large print books. How would buying books or devices bankrupt the country? Those on social security get a fixed amount of money every month. If they spend more than they should on something they don't get extra money later in the month.

TxPurpleSkyNov. 28, 1010:19 PM

"democratslie"... apparently you don't realize that people pay into the social security system through their payroll taxes all of their life with that amount being matched by the employer. The amount they receive each month is based on the amount paid into the system. It is no one's business what these people do with their money.

HelenlhNov. 28, 1011:08 PM

Are you kidding me, democratslie? And before you roll your eyes or make any comments about liberals and conservatives, I'm a pretty steady conservative. My husband is collecting social security after WORKING FOR 50 YEARS, and continuing to work still. He's contributed to social security his whole working life, as have I (although I'm nowhere near ready to collect). We pay plenty of taxes and give money to plenty of charities. If he wants to buy an e-reader (he's getting one for Christmas!), it's his prerogative to spend his money as he wishes!

laker4115Nov. 28, 1011:21 PM

Obviously the big market for e-readers is going to be seniors, they actually know how to read books. Ever since the schools became unionized, they quit teaching the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. I hardly know anyone under age fifty that actually reads books for pleasure because they never learned how to do it in school. This is becoming a lost art in the world of Facebook.

verdepatoNov. 29, 10 4:17 AM

You forget that the goverment put a gun to my head and told me that I was to stupid to take care of myself when I got older The goverment took my money (both sides as I was self employed) and told me it would be for my retirement Now after 50 years of the goverment taking my money I DO PLAN ON COLLECTING BECAUSE IT IS MY MONEY STOLEN FROM ME BY THE GOVERMENT

underwaterNov. 29, 10 7:45 AM

I have a Kindle and love it. The size of the type is one reason. The background is easy on the eyes also and the Kindle is light and can be used with one hand. I read 50 plus books a year and enjoy them all.

threein1Nov. 29, 10 8:24 AM

I have a Kindle 3 (as well as an iPad & iPhone 4 and desktop computer) and am a "senior". I read plenty of physical books, from all sorts of sources: library, friends, family, SwapTree, etc. One nice thing about the Kindle is the amazing volume of FREE books. No, not the religious and soft porn crap, the classics! Hundreds of great books out of copyright, free for the downloading. No monthly fees. (3G version is not necessary, even though there's no fee for that either -- wifi's all you need). And I can carry hundred's of 'em in a device the size & weight of a paperback. When I don't have the K3 with me, I can always read the same book on my iPhone or computer -- the Kindle app keeps track of my "bookmark", and knows where I left off, regardless of which device I'm reading on. The e-ink is great reading, and the charge lasts for weeks. You can write "notes" in the margins with the built-in keyboard, But, for those interested in a more studious and interactive device, check out www.kno.com. If I were in school, I'd have one of those for sure!


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