Nick Coleman: Emmer on the recount: Honorable

  • Article by: NICK COLEMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 27, 2010 - 6:48 PM

Less so the former Supreme Court chief justice who is his lead lawyer.

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wbgleasonNov. 27, 10 8:06 PM

Emmer would do well to look at the example of the Norm who has virtually destroyed any chance at elective office in Minnesota. Emmer, not Tony Sutton, is the one who will suffer if this fiasco is dragged out past the recount stage, unless the margin narrows considerably.

bluedevil101Nov. 27, 10 8:27 PM

As a Republican, I think Norm needs to head back to NY. Under no circumstances should he ever run again in this state. Once you lose a statewide campaign you are finished and should go back to the private world. I supported his taking the re-count to court, and I still am not sure justice was done. But, as the Republicans controlled Florida in 2000, the Dems controlled Minnesota in 2008. When its a tie vote, that's how it goes. Its time for the GOP to let new leadership emerge so we can take out Klobuchar in 2012. So, as Hatch went away never to be heard from again on the Dem side, its time for Norm to retire and stay out of the paper. Mr. Emmer needs to do the same thing. You ran a good campaign, came close, but lost. Now, go home and get back to real life.

johnsopinionNov. 27, 10 8:27 PM

Like we really need nicky's opinion on this one -- and he pats a Republican on the back, hoping to lead us to believe that he's a logical, rational, even-handed reasonable citizen. Why don't we dig up all the trash talk he put out about Emmer during the campaign?? Don't be fooled by this article, nicky is a complete HYPOCRITE.

pic6325Nov. 27, 1010:03 PM

Thank You Mr Emmer. I believe your promise to be reasonable. Now please quiet your nasty little barking dog.

lvpops53Nov. 27, 1010:56 PM

Gee. Maybe there are republicans with morals.

sanddogNov. 27, 1011:25 PM

"...hoping to lead us to believe that he's a logical, rational, even-handed reasonable citizen." - johnsopinion.¶ When viewed in comparison to the frequently near-hysterical, frothing-at-the-mouth spokesmen on the Right (and women - lest we forget Ann Coulter), Nick is all of those.

bwikNov. 28, 1012:53 AM

Emmer has always sounded more sensible than Dayton. A much more impressive guy. And this is coming from a complete social liberal.

samo45Nov. 28, 10 4:07 AM

Sensible Emmer? And you a social liberal? Yah, shoore.

undeadNov. 28, 10 5:14 AM

I want to believe this, but I need to see it first.

erwininezNov. 28, 10 7:16 AM

That's telling it like it is -- and for once, revealing that not all Republicans will do anything or everything possible for personal gain, fame, or fortune. The former Supreme Court Justice, however, is fortunately (for Minnesotans) no longer on board -- may have figured there's more money to be made being a shyster, I guess!


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