There’s no place like home

  • Article by: CHRIS HAVENS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 15, 2010 - 11:54 PM

Twin Cities residents report a strong attachment to their hometowns, which is good for our economic health.

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SupervonNov. 15, 1012:21 PM

snow plowing in Saint Paul is a joke. I moved from Saint Paul to Falcon Height (six blocks away) and my neighbor remarked "Now, you'll get your streets plowed". A year later I told him I could not sleep on showstorm nights with all the noise from the snow plows coming by all the time. Now I have perfectly clean streets in the morning while the Saint Paulites are stuck in drifts and ice piles. It makes Saint Paul the perfect place for a winter carnival as no one will see pavement until the following spring.

newthootNov. 15, 1012:51 PM

knowing full well that they can receive benefits paid for by US Taxpayers and never be deported!

maven100Nov. 15, 1012:53 PM

Supervon you are right. I noticed a big difference from when I moved from mpls. Maybe the Coleman union plow crews are slacking.

NonsequitrNov. 15, 1012:54 PM

My father is probably turning over in his grave at your remarks. He was the supertintendent of sanitation in St. Paul many years ago. While he was in charge the streets were cleaned and plowed to the curb at all times. He was very proud of his city and he wanted others to be as proud so he kept the streets clean. It's too bad government today doesn't take the pride in it's city like it did when he managed the streets.

tailgaterNov. 15, 1012:56 PM

Um.... why?

cantstandyaNov. 15, 10 1:00 PM

Does St. Paul care about its residents? Nothing stings quite like unrequited love...

cinemajayNov. 15, 10 1:31 PM

If your grandfather is turning over in his grave, it's because conservatives don't like paying for silly things like "infrastructure" or "street repair". Paying taxes is just too much to ask of some people.

splitpeasNov. 15, 10 1:48 PM

Is one of my favorite cities, out in Northfield I couldn't wait to hang out there. Minneapolis is like an Applebee's, you know what you're going to get but you won't clamor to come back. Even the suburbs across the River are different.

annemthomNov. 15, 10 1:50 PM

We lived in Mpls. for twenty five years in five different neighborhoods. Then we bought some acres in Chisago County. After ten years of that we moved to Saint Paul in March. It's phenomenal. Great neighbors, nice people, good libraries, kid friendly, pet friendly, close to everything and in the city yet peaceful. Comparison on out-of-pocket (assessments) is it is a little bit higher, but I am willing to pay for what we get. We will not go back to Minneapolis and don't need to, we're close enough. It would be nice though if downtown retail consisted of more than Macy's and if the hundred little retailers scattered around were more centralized.

fourthirty3Nov. 15, 10 1:50 PM

I mean, our streets have been plowed better and faster in the two winters since we bought our house in Saint Paul than they ever were in Minneapolis. I don't even live in a particularly ritzy part of town, and it's great.


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