Morneau blasts homer-unfriendly dimensions at Target Field

  • Article by: JOE CHRISTENSEN and LA VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: November 12, 2010 - 9:12 AM

The Twins slugger said he wished the club would adjust the outfield fences. 'Right-center to left-center is ridiculous,' Morneau said in an e-mail to the Star Tribune.

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larbo1Nov. 12, 1012:02 AM

Sounds rather demanding for a guy who's had trouble playing a whole season the last few years. On another topic, I would have preferred the Twins spend the extra money on quality free agents versus improvements to their stadium.

farewethrfanNov. 12, 1012:46 AM

A couple years from now when the fans are booing Joe Mauer because he's made 23 mill a season and averaged 10 HR's a season maybe they'll think that they should have moved the fences in.

hobie2Nov. 12, 1012:46 AM

Morneau was only stating the obvious. There was no logic in the Target Field design's team fit - it is a foolish design from the team make-up standpoint and pretty obvious player input - other than pitchers - wasn't a priority. It's as if someone said - our pitching is weak - build a pitcher friendly field so our pitching has more of a chance - and they forgot that having a field that helps weak pitching neuters power hitting... They shot themselves in the foot to make the toe look better. It's a warm weather area design - pitching and defense and scratch hitting. But is new - and shiny - it's so cool! Not if you are a right handed power hitter, it isn't. What power hitter wants to play in a field that might hurt your hitting stats?

bbbluelineNov. 12, 10 1:19 AM

Cmon now no one dare be critical of The Twins, or Taj Mahal Field, personally I am shocked they admitted 6 mill in "improvements", how do you improve The Shrine? Hopefully something with the annoying bright green scoreboard in the TV background everytime a close up of the pitcher.

garagewineNov. 12, 10 1:24 AM

Quit crying, Justin. Jim Thome didn't have any problems hitting balls out of Target Field last year. Maybe you can watch him take BP and take some notes.

ac1212Nov. 12, 10 2:37 AM

I like it the way it is, who wants a cracker jack box.

sjmick2Nov. 12, 10 5:11 AM

Thome is strictly a pull hitter. It wouldn't affect him as it would player who uses the whole field.

larrymickNov. 12, 10 5:42 AM

Other teams didn't seem to have problems hitting homers. No need for a knee jerk reaction at this time. Let's see how things play out over a couple of years before those type of changes are made.

voner26Nov. 12, 10 5:45 AM

fan but he is right on this one. Fans also want to see more home runs, they don't come out to watch the big sluggers hit singles and fly out to the power alleys. These dimensions are ridiculous. Move the fences in.

johnramboNov. 12, 10 5:47 AM

Target Field saved our soft tossing pitchers alot of runs last year. Morneau better be careful what he wishes for. Maybe Morneau and Mauer should hit a few more gappers to the opposite field for doubles instead of trying to hit everything over the fence.


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