Caterer turns table on Moss

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  • Updated: November 5, 2010 - 7:18 AM
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alert123Nov. 4, 10 8:28 AM

Great way to turn lemons into lemonade!

GregerbergerNov. 4, 10 8:28 AM

Why would anyone think a Boys and Girls Club would want to be inundated with sports gear from team/s they don't support. Titans are not Vikings. Actually, tacky doesn't even begin to describe this inappropriate behavior.

easyed321Nov. 4, 10 8:41 AM

Had I ever been dumb enough to spend big bucks on a Moss jersey, at least I could cash it in for a free lunch. Tinucci's is simply taking a bad situation and working it in their favor, even if nobody turns in their jersey for a lunch, the free publicity is as good as gold for them.

mnhockey99Nov. 4, 10 8:55 AM

I agree with you that kids in Titan nation probably won't want a Vikings jersey or t-shirt of Moss.. However, I disagree with your assessement of this "free lunch" being tacky. Tacky is the overpaid spoiled athlete who complains about free food (of which I'm sure Tinucci's put extra effort into making because they were serving it to the Vikes players). As much as I don't like Childress, I'm glad he shipped Moss's spoiled ar$e out of here. I want to see the Vikes win.. but not with a bunch of rude, lazy, spoiled athletes like Randy "I play when I want to play" Moss. Randy, take that "straight cash" to the bank homey.

scratchwedgeNov. 4, 10 8:58 AM

You're kidding, right?

GregerbergerNov. 4, 10 9:00 AM

I still can't think of any good reason to donate "stuff/junk" to an organization that has no use for it. It is self-serving, is garnering a lot of publicity but I can't imagine that those kids will have a use for a Vikings Jersey if they are Titans fans. I don't send rags to Good Will or bad food to the food shelf.

bloomdogNov. 4, 10 9:05 AM

The fine folks at Tinuccis are serving food and accompishing several great things... they are generating positive publicity... they are having fun with an incident that could have become contentious... they are donating items to an organization that could benefit from them... and for every Moss jersey that makes it's way to TN it "may" be one less jersey they sell. And yes, marquee players get royalties from jersey sales. Less "straight cash homey" for Randy.

manster81Nov. 4, 10 9:05 AM

I would have used the gear to wipe off your feet on when entering the place, no since of having dirty floors

BUDNov. 4, 10 9:06 AM

I think the kids are the ones that loose on this deal. I think he should have a bond fire for the jerseys and then it would only be the ozone that would suffer the stench!

mred58Nov. 4, 10 9:06 AM

the next time you show up at a free meal with your dog,and bite the hand that feeds you. just remember that the ufl is looking for nfl players with shattered dreams. dennie green and culpepper are at the sacramento mountian good luck you over rated super dud.[dud any thing defective or worthless,old and sloppy.]


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