Minneapolis schools must shell out $17 million in back pay

  • Article by: COREY MITCHELL , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 26, 2010 - 11:11 PM

In a blow to the cash-strapped district, an arbitrator has ruled that teachers and staff were unjustly denied raises and merit pay for two years.

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celtman1Oct. 26, 1010:33 PM

Really? With many companies laying off and instituting pay cut-backs your grasping lawsuit for more back pay seems, well...greedy! Odd, a greedy union. Hmmm.

gogophersgo1Oct. 26, 1010:35 PM

The district could have negotiated less pay or some terms. They violated the contract that they settled on. They didn't even discuss not paying it with the union, or delaying payment or anything. They simply didn't pay money that was due. I'm sure if all your employers just decided not to pay you what you were expecting this week with no notice, you would just say "oh that's fine. No worries." Hypocrites will come pouring out of the woodwork on this one. Watch.

CullenOct. 26, 1010:37 PM

They are willing to demand raises when it is clear this could cripple the district. So sad; this might just be the straw that broke the back of this district.

camb24Oct. 26, 1010:38 PM

WHo suffers??? The children. Teachers refuse to cut back but the tax payers have to cut back.

wakeupmplsOct. 26, 1010:40 PM

Teachers contribute to my childs education. Unions steal from my childs education.

gogophersgo1Oct. 26, 1010:47 PM

...when their teachers need to pick up extra work to pay their bills because they weren't paid what the contract said. The children suffer when their teachers are too busy get foreclosed on because they can't make their mortgage payments because the district changed terms of pay midway through the contract. The children suffer when the teachers with experience and expertise find new careers rather than be treated like they are incompetent greedy buffoons by all of you. You have no idea what their jobs are like. You think you do because you went to school, but you have no idea. You were delivered by an Ob/Gyn but you have no idea how to deliver a baby either. Your distaste for teachers is abhorrent. I always wonder how you can send your children to school if you think teachers are such greedy, ignorant animals. It would be child abuse. Or is it just all the teachers that you don't personally know or that haven't helped your child. Kind of like how everyone hates elected officials as a whole, but they tend to like their own legislators at a much higher rate? I don't get it.

dwirkusOct. 26, 1010:51 PM

As soon as Mark Dayton is elected governor, money really will fall from the sky.

sloly64Oct. 26, 1010:52 PM

Let me tell you why: I was a teacher. I paid over a thousand dollars in dues to them during my first 3 years of "non-tenured" teaching. In the end, that same union could not do anything for me when my district let me go. In desperation, (for an income) I took a job in the grocery industry. A new contract was ratified with the union months after I jumped on board. Result: frozen wages and hiring freeze for 3 years. The union is a wonderful thing if you have been a member forever. If not, your screwed---figuratively and financially.

a1batrossOct. 26, 1010:53 PM

Demonization of the unions is a standard trick to get workers like you and I to fight against our own best interests. Your childish resentment over somebody, somewhere, getting a raise you don't get is being exploited to turn you into a stooge for the corporations. If you and your co-workers want a raise, and your workplace won't give you one, and the economy is so terrible you can't find another job, what are you going to do? Sit and fume over your lousy rate of pay, or get everybody in the workplace to stop working at the same time and bring the place to a halt until you get a raise? Well, that's a union. And if you prefer your children be tended for six hours a day by resentful people being paid as little as possible, then you're even more foolish. You should want well-paid professionals whose minds are on the welfare of your kids, not angry people serving time til they can get a better paying job.

Get real, start thinking for yourself.

tridentOct. 26, 1010:58 PM

Q comp is Pawlenty's baby. It's the merit pay you folks have all been screaming about. The teachers held up their end of the contract. Shouldn't the district hold up theirs?


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