Clark wages uphill battle to unseat Bachmann

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 23, 2010 - 11:26 AM

Bachmann and Clark are spending record amounts in U.S. congressional race.

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democratslieOct. 22, 1010:27 PM

Those were real convincing. It's a real good idea to criticize your Republican opponent for not trying to lower her pay in a Democrat-run Congress where Democrats control the process when you voted yourself an increase in your taxpayer-funded per diem. Terrible Tarryl is a political genius... She's almost as smart as "hope and change" Obama. In a few weeks Tarryl will be relegated to the dustbin of forgotten Democrat has-beens like Margaret Anderson-Kelliher.

rds1449Oct. 22, 1010:36 PM

A vote for Bachmann is a vote for the international corporations that are trying to buy America. A vote for Bachmann is a vote to outsource your job to a foreign country. A vote for Bachmann is a vote for lesser freedom and liberty. This woman and the bought out movement that she is associatted with must be stopped. Vote for Clark and lets continue the fight to move forward out of the recession for all Americans not just the chosen few.

wisemdOct. 22, 1010:42 PM

The land where people pretend to be "rural," but really just commute 50 miles a day and complain about gas prices...

Mark27Oct. 22, 1010:46 PM

The only thing "rural" among most people in the sixth district is their once a year pheasant-hunting trip to South Dakota. The rest of the year, they're just yuppies driving BMW's.

Mark27Oct. 22, 1010:49 PM

....when Governor Dayton and the DFL Legislature dismantle the current configuration of the 6th district and make it unwinnable for Michele Bachmann. She'll either have to run against Oberstar or McCollum....or she'll have to run against John Kline in a primary when her Sherburne and Wright county base is placed in Kline's new district.

ReichertOct. 22, 1011:06 PM

even if that happens, Bachmann doesn't live in either Sherburne or Wright Counties...she lives in Stillwater, the Washington County seat. And if the DFL is in control Oberstar's district doesn't move any further south than the Chisago County line where it presently is. That would rope even more voters into the 8th who are conservative and would make this year's challenge from Cravaack look like a kid's game. The DFL wouldn't really have a clean shot at getting rid of Bachmann, but they'd sure try.

johnsopinionOct. 22, 1011:11 PM

For telling us masses something that we didn't already know. What would we do without our beloved Strib??

tikidog1Oct. 23, 10 6:34 AM

Michele Bachmann is the type of person we need leading in this country. We have had enough of the corrupt, sleazy, crooked whiners we now have. Minnesota is very lucky to have her.

edmdesignOct. 23, 10 6:36 AM

I never vote party lines,so neither side pays much attention to me. This election I will vote to keep social security as it is. I have paid in for over 45 years. I will vote for a person who I think will vote for the people in their district. Not party lines. I will vote for someone who is interested in the sixth district and not national attention. Someone who is not trying to get on the next presidential ticket.

chris5144Oct. 23, 10 7:15 AM

Even most of Bachmann's biggest 6th district critics knew going into this election that Clark had little chance; Clark must have wanted a break from elective office. People from outside the district and outside the state have been pouring immense dollars into both candidates' coffers, they may as well have just burned that money instead. Both candidates were both very much known quantities here going in, a very clear choice between liberal vs conservative in a conservative district. Wright and Sherburne are MN's #1 & #2 counties respectively, in terms of producing conservative vote margin in statewide elections; they are the leading edge of MN's hopes to blunt the opposite from Hennepin-Ramsey. If we could sell off H-R to Wisconsin I suppose, throwing in Washington Co so we weren't creating an island (and since WA CO is the only CD6 county with a slight blue-shift), MN would quit electing liberals, the rest of the state leans red by and large, and the range would not be enough without the metrolibs.


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