Editorial: Tom Horner for governor

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  • Updated: October 20, 2010 - 2:10 PM

Well-prepared candidate gives Minnesotans the chance to stand up against polarization.

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b127oaktreeOct. 17, 10 6:59 AM

Let's move beyond performance and remember Democratic values such as Social Promotion, Seniority and Entitlement as we consider our vote for governor !!!!! Mark Dayton !!!

editor25Oct. 17, 10 7:11 AM

You've only been campaigning for him for months.

dancohenOct. 17, 10 7:13 AM

Horner will NOT be elected Governor. The polls make it clear he is lagging a weak third in a three person race, and the Strib's endorsement is no longer a significant factor in the outcome. But let's assume he is elected, and we have Jesse Ventura Lite as our next governor. He has no chance of having his legislative program passed because he will have no support in the legislature. Legislators in both parties will have no stake in his success and will simply wait him out until they get another chance at the governorship. There is only one reasonable logical option for Minnesota voters. Take your choice, Dayton or Emmer and hope that one of them turns out to be a decent governor. Dan Cohen

b127oaktreeOct. 17, 10 7:27 AM

Hope and Change for Minnesota !!! Let's not let "The Party of No" say No !!!!

djb101Oct. 17, 10 7:32 AM

The candidate bent on piling an additional, hugely regressive tax on the middle class and poor while eliminating taxes for corporations and leaving the disproportionately small tax burden for the wealthy in place is the the choice of the Strib's editorial board!? I wonder if the Strib was one of Horner's "former" clients. Oh, that's right, it's a secret who Horner worked for - except, of course, when he was doing everything he could to make sure the legislature favored their interests ahead of every other Minnesotans'. Looks like Tom never really did quit his last job - he just figured out a better way to represent their interests at the capital.

lisalrobertsOct. 17, 10 7:34 AM

Thank you StarTribune for endorsing the only candidate who can steer us through difficult choices while engaging all citizens. Our challenges are too daunting to continue to be embroiled in partisanship instead of solutions. Let's make Minnesota the first state in which the third party brings intelligent, calm, sanity and a focus on solutions, not rhetoric.

lawstarOct. 17, 10 7:36 AM

and it wants Dayton to prevail, then it makes sense for it to endorse Tom Horner. Can you say "head fake?"

harrynpOct. 17, 10 7:42 AM

We live in an environment where 30 percent of the population blindly vote for anyone who is endorsed by the Republicans and likewise 30 percent of the population blindly vote for anyone who is endorsed by the Democrats. It is tough for candidates who have the best interest of MN in mind to win a state election without some type of name recognition. Tom Horner is the best candidate for governor. However on election day is the polls show that he is in third place, I, like the other 40 percent who are not blindly loyal to one of the other parties, will most likely vote for the lessor of the two evils. I sure hope that Tom Horner can pull this out. As of right now, he got my vote.

gopherfan10101Oct. 17, 10 7:44 AM

If you're pissing off both Democrats and Republicans you must be doing something right! Stop being a puppet....Vote Horner!

merks1Oct. 17, 10 7:46 AM

all this did was get some people off the fence and hand the election to dayton which is probably what the star and tribune planned all along. This is just a head fake by them stating "see, we don't endorse democrats all the time" But by doing this they just anointed dayton and his radical policies to 4 years of destruction of minnesotas' economy!


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