Now that coach can recognize reality, it's clear program is adrift

  • Article by: RACHEL BLOUNT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 9, 2010 - 10:07 PM

It’s probably not a good sign when progress is measured by the coach owning up to the unhappy reality of the situation. But that’s where we are, now halfway through a season hurtling toward a cliff.

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justthetruthOct. 9, 10 9:31 PM

Brewster should be let go at the end of the season, Maqturi should be let go, and a distinguished search committe put together to determine the future direction of all revenue-generating sports at the U. There's too much garbage going on now.

jsimple3Oct. 9, 10 9:39 PM

Virtually every time the Gophs have gone play action on first down in the last three games, they've had big plays. Yet after such successes, they insist on two consecutive runs (leading to third and long) on the next three or four series. When talented receivers are allowed to get involved, they make great plays (like the three TD's today). But we consistently don't involve them,throwing screens or running QB draws in long yardage situations as if we're scared. And when a coach consistently elects to punt late in a losing game (when the only chance to win is to go for a first down) or to kick deep when even the announcers are calling for an onside kick, well....He's in way over his head, and even the polite Big Ten announcers hint at it constantly throughout the game. And his players are constantly jawing back at him when they screw up (imagine Florida's or Ohio State's coaches putting up with that). I'm not usually a "fire the coach" guy, but this man is not even remotely a Div 1 head coach.

mngoldOct. 9, 10 9:43 PM

The truth is Brew is over his head and about to be axed which is the only axe he is going to see.

nomorebrewOct. 9, 10 9:45 PM

Great article Rachel, but don't give him that much credit. He will be on 'CCO tomorrow morning talking to Sid and Dave about how close they were to winning the game and talking about the 2 pt. conversion rather than the fact that he will go down and the worst coach in Gopher Football history!!!

BurntsideOct. 9, 10 9:50 PM

Good imagery.

nighteOct. 9, 1010:02 PM

Who gets the job of dusting the empty trophy case???

fridronOct. 9, 1010:10 PM

From the beginning..........the Big Ten's new Northwestern.............1-11

gopheraaaaOct. 9, 1010:17 PM

an embarrassment to the institution, he acted like a baby at the handshake on national television

timetopayOct. 9, 1010:18 PM


sww92498Oct. 9, 1010:24 PM

Hey, I can count this fiasco as a win. I predicted a 41-14 thrashing by the Badgers over our rodent led Gophers. The Goph's beat that by 9. A la the Brewster, that'a Win.


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