Jason Lewis: Government health care is on the way

  • Article by: JASON LEWIS
  • Updated: September 30, 2010 - 7:09 PM

Insurance doesn't work like this; only the welfare state does.

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johnsopinionSep. 30, 10 7:22 PM

Another perpetual welfare program, with no dedicated funds, all based on speculation, with ever-changing tax rates on multitudes of goods and services, and the taxPAYER won't have a clue, because they are too busy trying to work too hard to keep their own heads above water. Utopia at its finest!!

imamemberSep. 30, 10 7:28 PM

Franken also ignores the $60B in Medicare fraud that occurs every year. We didn't need to spend $1T to be able to reduce fraud.

iluvsteaSep. 30, 10 7:41 PM

If you are going to have children, it would probably be best if you looked into your DNA first to see if you are able to bring a child into this world. With the ever growing number of preexisting conditions and with Humans succumbing to lifestyle diseases every day, it would be smarter to evaluate your own ability to have children and what that would mean for your child's future. Health Care is not free and science has shown us that some people are going to cost more than others. If you don't like it or you know you won't be able to afford it for you or your child, then perhaps you should do what is smart and right.

tomjohnsonjuSep. 30, 10 7:41 PM

Love the article (and the Jason Lewis radio show). The fact is that healthcare is NOT a "right." People need to understand what a true right is, just like Jason was talking about tonight re: the "right" to privacy (it doesn't really/shouldn't exist, as it's currently interpreted). Rights do no require something of someone else other than that they don't infringe on my right. For healthcare to be a right, it must force others (through taxes) to pay for/subsidize another person' healthcare (the essence of Obamacare). This violates that person's true rights (right to their own property/fruits of their labor). If healthcare is a "right," it wouldn't be able to be taken away by the gov't, meaning, there should be no "denials" or "limits" (on drugs, procedures, etc.). If you think healthcare is a "right" be aware what that means: according to Obama, you may have a "right" to "healthcare" if you mean getting "pain pills" instead of life-saving treatment which the gov't determines isn't 'cost-effective.' Obama already admitted this - i.e., to the woman whose 95 year old mom needed a pacemaker - google it if needed). By making healthcare a 'right' you are dooming the entire healthcare system, not to mention being selfish and even immoral. We have to get the Fed. Gov't OUT of Healthcare. Period.

holt0338Sep. 30, 10 8:09 PM

The main issue that comes up with pre-existing conditions isn't when you first try to get insurance, when you are 30 yrs old or something, and you have never had any before. The issue is for those who had insurance, who maxed out their converage and got the boot, and are left trying to find someone to cover them. Should those people be punished for having a condition that is OUT OF THEIR CONTROL? I have no issue with premiums being higher for people who are overly obese due to choices, who choose to smoke, etc. But when it comes to say a genetic condition which requires coverage so they live and the help is out there, are we humane enough to make sure the law is on their side, or are we selfish enough that all we care about is our own situation and no one else's?

Mark27Sep. 30, 10 8:09 PM

Of course that wasn't your intent. Your intent was to bemoan and ridicule the "entitlement mentality" of those who want to live rather than die along with their family members. While a core legion of right-wing followers will high-five you for taking that position, the other 90% of the country will just correctly identify you as a monster. There's a reason why even the Republican Party of 2010 is assuring the public that their favorite part of the health care bill will stay after "replace and repeal" and that insurers will still be forced to not discriminate against those with preexisting conditions. In your zeal to explain why it's preferable for sick people to die than for insurance companies to be forced to insure them, you've merely shown what a predatory and useless middleman insurance companies are in the health care sector. You've confirmed all the arguments in the health care debate that it's in the insurance companies' financial interest to not treat sick people in contrast to the usual role of a service provider in a market economy. You, Jason Lewis, are Exhibit A why health care reform was so desperately needed. Americans desperately needed protection from Jason Lewis and his ilk willing to have hundreds of thousands of people killed before you'd be willing to tolerate smaller profits for insurance companies. Thankfully, Americans have that protection from you now, Jason Lewis.

highgrove53Sep. 30, 10 8:18 PM

The "free market" system is not compatible with health care.

bs6699Sep. 30, 10 8:27 PM

The real 'elephant in the room', is Lewis' ignorance or denial of how real government healthcare is run in other countries...that is with the government as the insurance company. Healthcare as a private enterprise is a failure, putting profit ahead of health. The single-payer model is not some radical plot dreamed up by Obama and his 'socialist' cohorts, but a real, working system in other advanced countries. The FACT Lewis ignores is that we spend twice as much for a poorer (sicker) result. Where does all the money go? Take a look at the the health insurance and big pharma balance sheets, and their lobbying budgets. As long at they have stooges like Lewis in their pocket, we'll keep arguing about how to reform a system that can't be fixed. The so-called 'Obamacare' (more accurately 'Romneycare') is a mild, business-friendly expansion of the this system, and hardly 'government' healthcare. The Public Option, or the expansion of Medicare to everyone, which was derailed by Obama, conservative Democrats, and the Republicans, would have been solid step in the right direction. But money talked. Wouldn't we all like an effective, simple healthcare system that won't bankrupt the country? That's not what we have. Healthcare should be a right, damn right! Elect politicians that will deliver this, and hold them accountable!

davesthe1Sep. 30, 10 8:33 PM

about anybody but himself and maybe his family, just like the rest of the rightwingnutz. a very unchristlike way of thinking from guy who shoves the cristian country values. where's his solution so anyone who gets sick can see a doc with out moving into poverty ? EVERY other advanced country has found a way to do univeral coverage but here the rich would rather you die before they give up that 15th car and tenth home.

lalahemSep. 30, 10 8:36 PM

Insurance is to protect you from the unforeseeable. we are guaranteed to get sick. stop calling it insurance!


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