Minnesota could maintain its eight U.S. House seats after all

  • Article by: JEREMY HERB , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 27, 2010 - 9:59 PM

Missouri is likely to lose a seat, based on projections that the 2010 census will show Minnesota has about 15,000 more people.

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wisebookSep. 28, 10 5:09 AM

That is great news. I noticed some of our neighbors are losing seats and so it is great that Minnesota voices will continue to be heard in Washington. Rock on!

dlhoff16Sep. 28, 10 5:09 AM

10 electoral votes going to the Democrats in 2012 instead of 9.

sundooberSep. 28, 10 6:52 AM

it would appear we have immigration to thank for something. Our state is growing, and that's a good thing!

kimjadySep. 28, 10 7:15 AM

Thank you ACORN!!!

neptune1Sep. 28, 1012:43 PM

this will change.

umbaseball7Sep. 28, 1012:55 PM

where Shelley found those 15,000 people to save her spot?

forgotten12Sep. 28, 10 2:38 PM

Not only will Dems not have the opportunity to gerrymander a seat away from Bachman, they will be on the defensive with a Republican Governor Tom Emmer and a Republican majority in the MN House steering the redistricting process in 2011. I lean towards lumping the declining populations of Minneapolis and St. Paul together (having a primary between Ellison and McCollum where they can spar over who is the most liberal Democrat) and splitting the 3rd district into north west and southwest burbs and making the 6th a north and east burb district.

smortensenSep. 28, 10 3:02 PM

Which seems quite odd since her seat would have been the one eliminated.

Mark27Sep. 28, 10 3:45 PM

....Bachmann will not be long for this world unless the Republicans manage to dominate Minnesota government at every level as forgotten12 fantasizes about. Bachmann's horseshoe-shaped district is very unlikely to keep its form, resulting in one of two scenarios. Either the Stillwater area where Bachmann lives will be absorbed by Jim Oberstar's district or it will be absorbed by Betty McCollum's district. In neither situation would Bachmann be able to win. This would force her into a kamikaze race against one of those incumbents, or to move to the western portion of her current district (which is also her current base of support) where she would face a primary against either John Kline or Erik Paulsen. The bottom line is that Bachmann can only win in a district where Sherburne and Wright Counties constitute 40% of the district's population. If those counties are separated from each other or diluted by more moderate suburbs in Hennepin County, Bachmann's toast.

Mark27Sep. 28, 10 5:23 PM

District 1--Accommodate for population stagnancy in Walz's district by adding back most of Le Sueur, Rice, and Goodhue Counties, which were part of MN-01 before the last reapportionment.... District 2--Get all the Republicans in one horseshoe shaped exurban district starting on the south end in Kline's hometown of Lakeville extending westward and northward to get most of Scott, Carver, McLeod, Wright, Sherburne, and western Anoka Counties.... District 3--Add in Shakopee, Elk River, and Anoka to Erik Paulsen's district, making it just a tad more Republican than it is now..... District 4--Lose all of Ramsey County north of the city, giving McCollum the entire city of St. Paul and the majority of Dakota County southward.... District 5--Attempt to get everything in Hennepin County, moving the boundary lines southward to Bloomington and Richfield to keep Ellison's district as comfortably Democratic as possible while sparing the Democratic parts of Anoka County for MN-06.... District 6--Make this the competitive district it once was by giving away everything west of Anoka County to Kline's district, and adding everything in Ramsey County besides the city of St. Paul, all of Washington County, and keeping most of Anoka County..... District 7--Give Collin Peterson back most of the St. Cloud area to accommodate for his district's population loss.... District 8--Generally the same shape it has now but adding the eastern portion of the St. Cloud area (Benton County) to accommodate for any minor population deficiency.


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