Demonstrators dangle from skyway in protest against Cargill

  • Article by: MIKE HUGHLETT and PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 23, 2010 - 10:32 PM

A palm industry consortium reprimands a supplier, as opponents stage a protest in Minneapolis.

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jrock612Sep. 23, 1010:14 AM

Did you read the article on the richest Minnesotans? As long as they are sitting on billions, who cares? Tear down the rain forests, destroy the earth so you can sit on a pile of paper called "money".

localvoiceSep. 23, 1010:16 AM

these police in minneapolis are always in the news for mocking and demagogueing our community, violating freedom of speech rights, etc. meanwhile murder is rampant in poor parts of the city. time for a shake up.

dakmarkSep. 23, 1010:21 AM

All kinds of nuts can be found in a rainforest.

olsondanielSep. 23, 1010:27 AM

Cargill needs to be held accountable.

dakmarkSep. 23, 1010:30 AM

The evil Cargill should be destroyed and all 160,000 employees should live on the fruits and vegetables found in the rainforest!

mikedagrouchSep. 23, 1010:35 AM

1. Need video of police mocking the signs. This is overstepping their duties and unethical. Their job is to protect the public not to express political opinions while enforcing the law. 2. Protesters may be guilty of several crimes, but "obstruction of the legal process"? That's a nonsense charge used to intimidate people into following police orders. This violates the first and fourth amendments to the Constitution because it promotes a chill factor. 3. There are better ways to get an anti-palm oil message across. This action is useless. Protesters who intentionally get arrested as a way of seeking publicity for an issue should be liable for the cost of their arrest.

ojiSep. 23, 1010:39 AM

So why were police and fire called? Oh ya because so really stupid people want to being attention to themselves, shut down traffic, tie up police, and fire resources, for hours. Then they booby trap their lines so if they are cut down wrong they may fall down to the street causing great injury to themselves and then sue the city. Well thank god they were right by the jail so the cops could just walk them in. I hope the city bills them for the resources they tied up!

swhansberrySep. 23, 1010:43 AM

Sounds like a Vikings game to me.

swhansberrySep. 23, 1010:46 AM

Difficult to know what to do with these people. On one hand, the concept of liturnal delaneous says such actions are defendable if performed to address transal anomalies. On the other, such actions are strictly prohibited by the rule of dymism. Just depends on what perspective you take.

alphacowboySep. 23, 1010:48 AM

Morons.... same idiots that some how got a banner behind home plate at Target field a couple weeks ago. Seriously, do you idiots not have jobs? I got one for you, if you think their practices are so evil and wrong, YOU find a better way! Use the true American spirit and find a better way instead of complaining and whining about how someone else does things and do nothing productive yourself! Find a better way, compete with them and drive them in the ground if you don't like how they are doing something..... quite being a lazy crybaby! And if the Cops were laughing at you, GOOD, I am too as is about 98% of the rest of the world....


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