Premiere of U film suddenly up in the air

  • Article by: TOM MEERSMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 16, 2010 - 10:01 PM

It's unclear why a university VP canceled the TV debut of the Mississippi River documentary.

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glenlivetSep. 16, 1010:32 PM

made sure I was paid during production of the film," she said. "Sorry."

okmikeSep. 16, 1010:44 PM

Hmmm...The VP of University Relations cancelled it but assures us that no external influences caused her to do this. Isn't that exactly what she is in charge of? Smells fishy...

nuthinloserSep. 16, 1011:06 PM

1984 at it's absolute worst.They MUST air this program.I live in rural Minnesota next to the Minnesota River which dumps TONS of farm waste and farm chemicals into that river it is absurd and appaling.That woman is LYING LYING LYIING.Big agriculture and big hog corporations rule this state with an iron fist.Texas and big oil and cattle have ZERO on this state.WAKE up people and free this film to the public.The UofM must be ashamed of themselves.Where is the freedom of expression to enlighten and inform the public for its own good.Three women freinds of mine all have breast cancer at the same time and all live in the rural area near the Minnesota river.This is not abnormal for women in this area.It is disgusting and the time is now to clean up this filthy mess.This makes me more than swallowing a big gulp of that sewage they call rivers.

mollypriesSep. 16, 1011:27 PM

Please also see the conflict of interest I cited in a story today. Karen Himle is the wife of John Himle, the co-founder of Himle Horner, which represents the MN Agri-Growth Council--an organization tied to corn, ethanol, and industrial agriculture. Karen Himle receives an income from Himle Horner, as I noted in my story. Given her ties to this organization, the fact that she unilaterally made the decision to pull the film represents a SERIOUS conflict of interest for the U.

mollypriesSep. 16, 1011:29 PM

Oops. Here's the story about conflict of interest.

triodeSep. 17, 10 4:00 AM

This film will now get more press, more buzz, more tweets, and many more butts in seats, thanks to the U administration's actions. Anybody with PR savvy should have seen this coming. The British government banned God Save The Queen from radio airplay in 1977, and the song went straight to the top of the charts. Any PR professional who has repeated the mistake since can be regarded as having been warned.

stevensp0Sep. 17, 10 4:55 AM

Without seeing the film or hearing its conclusions, it is difficult to understand the reason its release would be held off. I think the University owes the public a better explanation. It could be the long arm of Monsanto or Cargill or industrial farmers, reaching in to control public disclosure, or it could be the act of a rogue female administrator. It is hard to know.

fatekarmaSep. 17, 10 6:41 AM

Horner, a good stooge for his former boss/partner. Why won't Horner show his tax return? Why does Horner want to eliminate corporate taxes? Why does anybody believe anything Horner says? C'mon, Little Jack, time to fess up, throw open the doors of conflict of interest, move on to a job where your biases don't matter. Thanks.

rpchamplinSep. 17, 10 6:50 AM

Hmmmm....interesting, head scratching reason why film was pulled, local tv should be all over this one

nuthinloserSep. 17, 10 7:06 AM

is supposed to uphole the laws of reason and fairness and balance of ideas and veiwponts.It is the foundation of any institution of higher learning.She destroyed the foundation without reason and sits in her ivory tower hoping no one will come and put her feet to the fire and get the TRUTH.Trib writers please do your job and investigate and get the truth from these people.They are public servants and we pay their wages.MAKE then accountable to the people!


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