Twin Cities to get in game of selling image

  • Article by: JENNIFER BJORHUS and DAVID PHELPS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 16, 2010 - 10:54 PM

To the relief of many, a regional economic development agency is taking shape to help brand the metro area as open for business.

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johnsopinionSep. 16, 1010:02 PM

The downtowns are a zoo, if you don't get assaulted or panhandled or ripped off, the paint on your car will get peeled off by the urine of the 'citizenry' at barclose. Everything is expensive, hustlers are everywhere, and the thugs constantly complain of 'police harassment'.

vikings1Sep. 16, 1010:19 PM

Are you sure you got the right town and not confusing Mpls/STP with New York? I work downtown and have never encountered what you just described.

johnsopinionSep. 16, 1010:44 PM

I was working downtown, a few years ago, when I witnessed an assault on Hennepin Ave at barclose, almost turned into a full-blown RIOT. Had people up against my company car, was surprised somebody didn't pull out a gun and shoot somebody. Only one block away from the police station. Surprise - NOBODY GOT ARRESTED. A few years earlier, my brother almost got his brains beat out, and he didn't say anything to anybody - he was just 'in the wrong place at the wrong time'. So go right ahead and have a good time downtown, I'm done with that.

dgb049Sep. 16, 1010:44 PM

Who cares what the cause is.... It's just worthy. Think what we could have been... IMHO it's all about insucure leaders! We don't need to be 'anybody' we are who we are, and if some A-Hole doesn't like it, so what?

simbixSep. 17, 1012:00 AM

The Itasca Project, a business coalition, spent untold money to publish a report that trashed Minnesota as a horrible place to do business. It used as its sources the anti-tax lobby ratings, but neglected to mention businesses rate Minnesota as 15th lowest in nation in business taxes. So now the group that tells businesses to stay away wants $2 million to say come here. Which is it, Itasca: Stay away or come here? And this group wants to be the region's head marketer?

NotBradPittSep. 17, 10 1:48 AM

Two things. First thing, one of the most positive, inexpensive and fun ways to promote the Cities is through major motion pictures and television. At one time we were one of the up and coming leaders in this area, continually getting projects filmed in our state. Then Pawlenty came in and wiped away all the incentives and tax breaks to movie companies and production crews that Ventura started during his term. Now the business has moved to Vancouver, Boston, Pittsburgh and Detroit. Who pretty much copied Venturas and Minnesota's incentive program and now they are flourishing. (well maybe not Detroit.) Minnesota has fallen behind. Second thing to the people who have never been out of our state and yet complain about our "downtowns" you must be joking. We have one of the cleanest and safest downtowns in the nation, if not the world. Try spending a night in downtown Detroit, Atlanta or Houston. Take a wrong turn in New York or Baltimore and you will be wishing you were back in Minneapolis. Yes, the cops could do a better job at bar close and Block E in general. But this is flowers compared to other cities. Travel a little, it will change your perspective about things and make you appreciate what we have here at home. Twin Cities is one in a million.

droidboy54Sep. 17, 10 3:18 AM

Focus on the Twins, Vikings and lakes. Hide the fact that we have Franken, cold weather, the t-wolves, two-lane freeways (Sioux Falls has 3-lane and 4-lane freeways), outta sight taxes and millions here in MN want the government to think for them.

sekhmet1Sep. 17, 10 3:27 AM

...then sure, you might see trouble!! I live downtown and it is not the "scary" place suburbanites think it is. Don't hang outside Sexworld XXX after hours and maybe you will see what downtown could offer!!

zyxwvuSep. 17, 10 4:02 AM

...instead of real product which is the crux of our economic down-turn and jobs shipped out of the country.

ORIOLE75Sep. 17, 10 5:06 AM

Wait until you hear the national media pound on Minny when the Baseball playoffs start, and it is just too cold.


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