Kansas City Star: Someone's raking it in, and it isn't you

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  • Updated: September 15, 2010 - 6:42 PM

Unless, that is, you're a CEO big on layoffs. That doesn't play well, does it?

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Mark27Sep. 15, 10 7:05 PM

....is in fact not our mailman and our librarian? I thought those $40,000 per year civil servants and their pensions were our society's ultimate downfall. It's gotta be them. It just can't be the millionaires who've consolidated all the income gains of the last quarter century. It has to be my neighbor the school teacher who is master of the universe. We must make sure his pension, health care plan, and purchasing power are taken away if the republic is to survive. If he and his family's lives are destroyed like their private sector neighbor's already have been, America will be so much better off! Our economy will recover and the budget will be balanced!

SupervonSep. 15, 10 7:12 PM

I want a high paid CEO that makes decisions. Do you want a second class surgeon working on you? How about a football team of third stringer's? Or, your race driven by a loser? Box with wimp? OK. You get it now? Talent costs money and this writer is a whiner.

garagewineSep. 15, 10 7:23 PM

Not so shocking. The mean CEO probably had a much better year than the president.

darkforcesSep. 15, 10 7:34 PM

Why does public opinion matter to the Board of a private company? As long as the products or services of a person or company is purchased willingly, it is none of our business how they spend their income. It is disgusting to think that our government has the authority believe to have the competency to tell individuals how to operate.

worldcitizenSep. 15, 10 8:00 PM

It's a class war - naive not to admit this, and citizens have virtually no influence. Our politicians are bought and sold.

johnsopinionSep. 15, 10 8:19 PM

So we can have more competition and more competitive prices? Look around at the marketplace -- oil, telecom, auto, medical, consolidation is running wild, with less competition everywhere. Thoughts??

notafatcatSep. 15, 10 8:27 PM

When fewer and fewer people have more and more of the wealth and assets in a given economy, businesses are ultimately going to be hurting (especially small ones) because the cycle of buying and selling slows down. These wealthiest individuals have no pressing need to spend all that munificence. The only class warfare of the past decade has been persistently waged against the middle class worker and his/her standard of living. The latest polls FINALLY show a public waking up to the reality that the priorities of the current republicans are all skewed one way, toward the benefit of a very small very rich and very powerful minority. If people are sick of the democrats, they're apparently even less favorable to the "no" party.

fishheadSep. 15, 10 8:30 PM

This country is being consumed by greed at the top and the Republicans are all for it.

dankozSep. 15, 10 8:46 PM

Forty years ago CEO's were making about 20 times the average worker. Now it is 187 times. Forty years ago the top tax bracket was 91%. Now the top bracket is 35%. Sadly this sort of inequity doesn't even benefit the overpaid CEO's who can't grow their companies because fewer and fewer people can afford to buy their product. Meanwhile they have more money than they can even dream of spending and they are too stressed out to enjoy it because their companies are tanking.

shakinstreetSep. 15, 10 9:12 PM

Our puppet government, bought and paid for by the Fat Cats, have skewed the economy drastically in their favor. The wealth was supposed to "trickle down," but, oops, the Fat Cats forgot to pass any of that loot down to the proletariat. So here we are, just another banana republic.


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