Northstar: Getting to work is no longer hard work

  • Article by: PAUL LEVY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 11, 2010 - 8:02 AM

But the commuter train has drawn 3 percent fewer riders than projected.

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redstar1961Sep. 10, 1010:28 PM

Of course it is a failure. It will be subsidized until it is retired. The rail system is the great equalizer for the liberals.

nommmplummmSep. 10, 1010:39 PM

Did Ms. Ostroot see a sign asking her to keep her feet off the seats? Nice if they are clean for the next rider. / Ridership will go up when the train actually connects two large cities: Minneapolis & St. Cloud. Big Lake may be large in name alone.

awshucksSep. 10, 1010:50 PM

Yeah, redstar, dont'cha know it. At least our roads and highways turn a tidy profit and require no subsidies.... oh, wait. Never mind.

arch0049Sep. 10, 1011:59 PM

Their political hacks runnning for governor's neighborhoods? Then, Emmer would just have disorderly conduct charges on his record instead of DUI! Archman X has spoken.

madSep. 11, 10 4:05 AM

We can't afford ANYTHING that can not support itself. If it needs to be subsidized.. it can not be sustained.

RCHSep. 11, 10 5:54 AM

Love your comment, mad. "We can't afford anything that can not support itself." OK, so let's start by making every driver pay a fee to use the streets and highways. Will that work for you, Mr. Mad? After all, I NEVER use I-494. So why should I have to pay for it? Now do you understand how ridiculous your statement is?

pdrakeSep. 11, 10 6:23 AM

why is this a story. only 3 percent under projected ridership? you mean 97 percent success. or if your a baseball fan close to batting a thousand. the northstar rocks

openmindSep. 11, 10 6:33 AM

...that the handful of riders that utilize it are happy? what's next? visiting the soup line to find out if the recipients of free meals are happy they get them? What a joke of story and a slant.

yourpalbornoSep. 11, 10 7:16 AM

I am so tired of hearing people talk about the cost to subsidize trains. People actually pay to use the train, every time they ride the train. How much did you have to pay when you got on the highway this morning? Nothing! That's because, unlike trains and other forms of Mass Transit, highways are 100% subsidized!

abzzzzSep. 11, 10 7:26 AM

Five hundred thousand people divided by 270 (9 months x 30 days/month) gives a daily average ridership of 1,851. How does this compare to the TOTAL number of trips being made from the area serviced by the train? What is the average weekday ridership? Former Governor Ventura once claimed, regarding the futility of building more and more roads to reduce congestion: "You can’t build enough roads". So, how many miles of commuter rail will need to be built to reduce congestion?


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