Souhan: Pin this loss on Favre's belated arrival

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 10, 2010 - 9:30 AM

The quarterback lived a charmed existence in 2009. He didn't pay for his belated arrival because the Vikings started the season against Cleveland and Detroit.

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pktoddSep. 9, 1011:07 PM

Receivers and Cornerbacks are important players. Who knew?

mark49Sep. 9, 1011:13 PM

Its going to be a long season watching a pathetic offense with no stars. AP looked at best mediocre and Favre looked terrible. Granted he has no one to throw to. The D was poor as well letting the Saints dominate the 2nd half by running by fat Pat and the rest of the overrated Linemen. Wgere was Allen or Henderson? This looks like a team that will struggle all year.

deschainSep. 9, 1011:24 PM

AP looked mediocre? He had a 4.6 per carry average. Just because he didn't have any huge runs does not mean he had a mediocre game. The line just got more push and we ended up with a lot more 5 and 10 yard runs instead of 1 yard here a loss there and then 50 yards in one play. Consistency is better than one big play a game. Only if chilly gave him the ball in the second half...

BMartinSep. 9, 1011:27 PM

Negatives: They lost. They desperately need help at receiver (should have signed Housh). Kick return blocking and penalties where brutal. The OL is what we thought it was. Positives: AP looks like he's figured out how to hold onto the ball (the Saints tried to strip him on virtually every carry). The defense looked very solid and should immediately get better when Griffin and Cook return. Observations: Berrian is a lousy punt returner (should have never traded Reynaud). Where was Camarillo before the fourth quarter? Favre should work off the rust in a game or two. Bottom line: They'll be fine. Hit hard by injuries they lost by 5 to the Super Bowl champs in their house - holding the number one offense in the League last year to 14 points. All in all, about as encouraging as a loss can be.

rho1953Sep. 9, 1011:33 PM

He looked his age. Hobson's choice, skip camp and try to extend his productive season, but risk being out of sync, or go to camp and run out of gas in October. Maybe he can play himself into shape, but where was Jared Allen? He was invisible. Where was the run defense? Stay tuned for next week, and the Miami Dolphins. They are going to be a test.

rofl1965Sep. 9, 1011:34 PM

The game was not all that bad considering we are impotent on offense right now. Before all you Favre haters pat yourselves on the back and before Boohan lights his "I told you so cigar" it was not so much Brett not being ready, it was not having receivers that could get open. All in all the Vikes showed they are not dead and held a pretty potent offense to two TD's. Pretty good IMO.

lawtonj1Sep. 9, 1011:35 PM

How much do they pay Berrian ? I think it's too much. He doesn't look very fast or quick to me. Not having another high grade young reciever is going to be a problem. Who's fault is that ?

ISUCyclonesSep. 9, 1011:36 PM

Wish I could be optimistic like BMartin, but Souhan is right on with this column. Coming into this game, Favre was about a dozen full-speed snaps and two weeks away from retirement. He owes it to this team and himself to be better prepared mentally and physically than he was tonight.

lgaytanSep. 9, 1011:43 PM

Jim Souhan is right on this one, a little more practice in the pre-season we've might have been able to pull this one out. I was impressed with our defense, but I think we only had 1 first down all second half. That high powered offense we showed last season, seems like a dream now after watching tonight's anemic offense performance. Boy do we miss Sydney Rice, Favre just could not get anyone open deep!! We definitely need improvement if we want to get another shot at these idiot Saints!!! We'll get better though, I still have full confidence in Brett, he & the recievers out there were just completely off!!

goldcountrySep. 9, 1011:55 PM

Not much timing between the receivers and Favre and to be honest, I didn't see a lot of separation between the receivers and the db's...problematic. Running game looked above average but we didn't see enough of it to make a final determination. Too many penalties at inopportune times and our O-line looked under skilled, at times. Saints adjustment to let the D line slants work in their favor was brilliant and a sign of a highly competent coaching staff identifying an area to attack...hats off to them for that. Same story for changing up the coverage on Visanthe....another move that demonstrated what a competent coaching staff can accomplish. It just looked to me like we played this one with a very basic package and that more than likely was due to the present Vikings personnel problems. Not overly surprised with the result.


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