Sid: Defense was on the field far too long

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 10, 2010 - 1:09 AM

The Vikings gave up only 14 points, but what hurt the team was the offense's inability to move the ball.

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pktoddSep. 9, 1010:54 PM

He talks to the people he knows (which is everyone) and then puts together a feel-good piece about a player that everyone will forget in a few years- much like I'd forgotten that Sal Butera was the Twins backup catcher 24 years ago. The New York Times its not, but he may be the last sportwriter of his type- enjoy him while you still can.

BallFourSep. 9, 1011:31 PM

You've done your work, Sid. And you've also overstayed your welcome. Retire.

daknutson1Sep. 9, 1011:35 PM


niner_mattSep. 9, 1011:44 PM

held the Saints to 14 points I would of said we should have won by 14 points. Unforunately we have a head coach that thinks he knows everything and is gods gift to coaching so he is about as flexible as 12 inch wide piece of iron.

stribispantsSep. 9, 1011:50 PM

This is the best he has ever had!

rickoienSep. 10, 1012:10 AM

In the game more? I remember going into the first game last year.....all we had was Berrian. We didn't have a clue if Harvin would be any good and Rice was just another receiver who had been hurt and hadn't done anything to write home about. last year turned out all right. We get healthy our defense should be very good. Favre and the receivers will eventually get on the same page. I'm not bummed at all.....still think this team is as good as anybody in the NFC.

zgoobaSep. 10, 1012:33 AM

20 and 30 year old guys should be able to revive themselves during the teevee time-out fest that pro football has become

blumoon86Sep. 10, 10 3:59 AM

Any good Coach should have known that this game would not be easy going into this game and that might mean going outside the box,like trying the wildcat play once or twice or a flee flicker.I think that Brad Childress should Utilize the talent that he has on this team,I mean we have like 9 pro bowlers on this team and his judgement of keeping T-Jack makes me wonder about this guy,one touchdown really.If I was Miami or Detroit I would concentrate on shuting down Peterson and Farve and Shiancoe,because this coach has no imagination,no wonder Farve has question marks ? about this season,just bad game calling it is that simple.Sad game last night:(

skcroogeSep. 10, 10 5:25 AM

Paid waaaaaaaaay too much for this cat; receiving, punts, whatever. Never looks like he wants to play the game. Scared. Gimme Walker.

skcroogeSep. 10, 10 5:29 AM

A better coached team. NO passed in the first half and tired out our defense; we ran in the first half and tired out our offense. NO ran in the second half and we did nothing. We were ALL tired out. Good job, Chill. I hoped you learned something, again, in your paid learn on the job profession. Such a rarity today; must love your job.


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