Franken ratchets up rhetoric in war against corporate power

  • Article by: JEREMY HERB , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 5, 2010 - 9:20 PM

Net neutrality is the latest issue where he warns that control of the country's future is being hijacked by big business.

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jk12345Sep. 5, 10 9:34 PM

Most Democrats have never worked a day in their lives and do not understand economics. Dems are destroying and demeanizing companies and wondering why no new jobs are being created. These are EMPLOYERS that you are punishing. Stop the nonsense and take an economics class!

redstar1961Sep. 5, 10 9:46 PM

Say it aint so, Al Frankin, Inc. is going after "Big Business". Why stop there? Why not go after Big, Union, Inc., Big Gay, Inc. Big Gov., Inc., Big Environmental, Inc., Big Liberal, Inc.? Hey Al, Just one question for you: WHERE ARE THE JOBS? YOU ARE A COMPLETE FAILURE. AND YOU ARE NOT FUNNY.

bugmenot99Sep. 5, 10 9:52 PM

Companies are not people, but for some reason the Supreme Court started treating them like they are. Their "speech" is going to outweigh every individual's speech, especially when they can spend unlimited amounts in our elections. Net Neutrality is key, unless you want to have access to only corporate speech.

wordupSep. 5, 10 9:59 PM

I can tell you where the jobs went...750 thousand of them evaporated in one month prior to Obama coming into the white house. Look no further than 8 years of complete economic suicide practiced by the party you champion. Don't like this world you live in now? Look in the mirror. You voted for this mess 9 years ago and again 5 years ago.

pizann0Sep. 5, 1010:00 PM

LOL! Hey, Al. Looks like you missed the table and slammed your fist in the oatmeal again!

delephoneSep. 5, 1010:06 PM

if Democrats haven't worked a day in their lives, it must be those Republicans who vote in unions, are commie lovin' fascists who are ruining this country and are the people that you rant and rave ag'inst then right? ......... I just can't keep all of the crazy accusations about Democrats straight anymore. ................ It is the contradictions that ruin your whole point of view.

palsarSep. 5, 1010:11 PM

How about total Gov't control of our lives? That's where it seems we are headed.

BucklawSep. 5, 1010:14 PM

This isn't just a First Amendment issue, it is also an matter of open commerce. If the internet becomes a tiered service which changes open access to the internet we put a burden on innovation and entrepreneurship. It is, in a sense, a de facto regulation of the internet that will be controlled by private enterprise. A bad idea.

Franken is absolutely correct to bring up First Amendment issues as well. Everyone has equal opportunity to carry a message on the internet. As technology and access increase, bandwith access would be jeopardized under a tiered system. The large internet services are looking at this as a money maker, but it is also a way to control access and thereby control content. It is hard to see how any argument for restricted access to the internet is a good idea.

notaxmaxSep. 5, 1010:14 PM

The government could pass a law that says every loaf of bread made must e retailed for fifty cents. The result would be that all bakery's would close, no bread would be available for anyone, many people would lose jobs all because they couldn't make any money. Some of you will say that's absurd, the government would never do anything so silly. I need to remind those folks about medicare reimbursement. Many doctors will not treat patients now because they lose money and Franken just voted to cut reimbursements by another 500 billion in the Obamacare bill. Competitition is the only thing that works, Franken is touting Obamas socialist tendency for cradle to grave government control. After regulating the internet comes taxing the internet and I for one don't want to see that happen.

lenzy1000Sep. 5, 1010:17 PM

I don't get it. Are their rights the only ones that count? I think not enforcing net neutrality would stifle everyone else's First Amendment rights.


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