Jennifer Godinez, Matt Kane: Less college? First, define your terms

  • Updated: August 24, 2010 - 6:49 PM

A more educated workforce is a must, but schooling can take various forms.

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iluvsteaAug. 25, 10 5:40 AM

And who is going to pay? You? Or are we just going to make a lot of "cheap" colleges that really don't boost your skills but give you a fancy piece of paper that makes you think you got your money's worth when in fact you were just taken to the cleaners. Instead, maybe we should stop wasting money on these programs and excessive amounts of schooling and bring back manufacturing. That creates jobs. Schooling creates wannabe intellectuals that work in coffee shops foolishly wasting their years while they work on finding themselves. Unfortunately, they'll be too old to do much by the time they get out of their philosophical pseudo-academic bubbles.

gobigblueAug. 25, 10 6:22 AM

What we REALLY need is a bunch of uninformed boobs, who don't bother with being "intellectual" they just recognize their own inferiority and let themselves be dictated to by their betters. That's a really good idea.

dahutysAug. 25, 10 8:42 AM

I think both of these articles miss an important point. It's that middle class parents want their kids to go to college because that is a measure of success to most middle-class people. That means that the "trades" are looked down on, and people are discouraged from going into them. I know a family that is far more proud of its social worker daughter because she has a 4-year degree. However, their auto mechanic son makes more money, didn't have to spend 10 years paying off student loans, and is far less stressed. So why nag the auto mechanic, who likes his job, about how he needs to go to college to "better himself"?

ronniereaganAug. 25, 10 8:46 AM

I would suggest that the whole concept of college degree should look to be redefined. I have not used one ounce of all the liberal arts and humanities classes that I was forced to take to get my degree. Sure you can repeat the stale arguement that a well rounded degree is necessary. Well- when tuition is sky-rocketing- math and science is more important than fine arts. We need skills and practical knowledge - not necessarily an ultra expensive college degree. These writers ask what barriers that impede enrollment.....COST COST COST. When tuition increases at twice the rate of inflation for 20+ years- something has to change. Online colleges and a more streamline degree offer the greatest chance but don't expect colleges/universities to budge. They must be forced to change or simply lose enrollment. You cannot expect 200k in student loans for a 40k/year job to be a good plan.

wunderdudeAug. 25, 10 9:43 AM

klotzmAug. 25, 10 3:33 PM

on vocational schools. That was in the early 70' we're near the bottom. I went to a Vocational high they don't exsist. I made a good living & my son went to trade school to become a mechanic. The world still needs plumbers, mechanics, electricians, etc. It costs a lot less and I don't care about my 'status'. I've worked with college graduates all my life....they're not all as smart at their jobs as their education would imply. I've seen plenty of educated idiots & had to teach MANY of them to do their jobs.

gobigblueAug. 25, 1010:26 PM

But I've also met plenty of your "salt of the earth" types who are boozing it up,EVERY night, blowing their paychecks at the casino, beating up their spouses, or kids, and generally making "donkeys" of themselves on a daily basis. Would an "enlightened" education have helped these folks avoid those behaviors? Couldn't tell you, but I bet it wouldn't have hurt. Anti-intellectualism will do nothing but degrade the society, just because you resent the fact that some folks may be more intelligent than you, even in topics you may have no interest in, it doesn't make it a sane policy to blow up the higher education system in favor of a corporate drone machine.

jansanitySep. 10, 10 9:16 PM

The TRiO programs have helped millions of first generation and low income kids and adults of all ethnic groups go to college and succeed in college. There's been flat funding for years for these proven programs. If we want to see the college going rate go up and graduate rates increase, you need to invest money in the support programs like TRiO to see the investment of the pell grants and loans pay off.

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