Aging boomers will strain families, state

  • Article by: WARREN WOLFE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 23, 2011 - 9:18 AM

There will be fewer people to care for the aged, and tax-supported nursing home costs will bust budgets.

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jansanityAug. 21, 1010:11 PM

This speaks to the great need to educate our young people in greater numbers as well as get those without much education 25-55+ back into school for the health care and nursing home jobs coming up. An educated workforce will be better able to handle the gray tsunami on the horizon. And we need educated folks to take on the jobs that will open with upcoming retirements. Time for MN to support TRiO programs helping low income, first gen adults and youth go to college and succeed

ronniereaganAug. 21, 1010:18 PM

Well said but the problem is that colleges/unversities tuition has and will continue to increase at twice the rate of inflation. For those who argue we need more financial aid for students- this doesn't solve the problem it only feeds it. Colleges are pricing themselves out of business.

patrickrileyAug. 21, 1010:21 PM

. . . why, exactly, is it bad to allow immigrants into the United States? Seems to me that as baby boomers age, someone is going to have to fill the places in the workforce that they are vacating and that younger generations of Americans can't fill (since there are fewer younger Americans than there are Baby Boomers). When Baby Boomers start selling their houses (which many of them thought would help finance their retirement) who is going to buy them - if there aren't enough younger Americans? Who is going to be willing to work in the nursing homes?

oct98811Aug. 21, 1010:22 PM

Every other industrialized nation places limits on elder care spending. Only America does not, and we probably will not change. Voters need to change this problem, but no group votes more consistently and in greater numbers than the elderly.

bluedevil101Aug. 21, 1010:23 PM

It is these types of figures that bring into question Obamacare. If the federal and state government cannot support old age care for the boomers, how can the federal government support health care at the standard we've had for the entire nation? The key words for me are "the standard we've had." This is why there's fear that some panel will determine that you've got to wait for this procedure or that one. A woman I work with was diagnosed with breast cancer at 41. If she'd followed the government suggestion that she wait until 50 for mammograms, she'd be a goner. I don't see a way that Obamacare can maintain the standard that we are used to, and, in addition fund new research for drugs that can make a difference for us all.

SupervonAug. 21, 1010:23 PM

just take care of ourselves and let you poor tear-draggers just go away.

bluedevil101Aug. 21, 1010:31 PM

What do the words "limits on elder care spending" mean to you? Who makes those decisions? The federal government? The state government? This is why there are concerns about federal power and control over people's lives. If you begin to talk about limited budgets when it comes to care, I think "death panels", sorry to say.

DUSTYBAug. 21, 1010:34 PM

I took care of my father for several years, It was the most challenging thing, but rewarding experience I ever had. He would have given up his life for me, I hope I lived up to the challenge.

datelessnerdAug. 21, 1010:41 PM

If we let immigrants flood into America, who's going to pay for their care when they get old? Relying on population growth (immigrant or not) to prop up a consumer-driven economy solves nothing. From an economic standpoint, it's a pyramid scheme. And from an environmental standpoint, it's disastrous. We already don't have enough fresh water for people in the Southwest. America's economy and environment need to become sustainable, and the longer it takes us to realize that, the more painful the transition will be.

fuzz48Aug. 21, 1010:52 PM

The fact of aging "Boomers" has been discussed for years, but what can be done about it? I believe it is a sad fact, but the "boom years" following WWII has caused countless ripples that affect the whole planet. Beginning with the notion that somehow, the United States and our way of governing is ordained by God Himself, and that all other forms are inferior. This is what has helped bring us such fruitless exercises as Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan. It has made us the richest and the fattest, and also the most despised. It has brought us a bloated, unrealistic and ultimately doomed economy. I say this as an American, and a proud one, but I think the future is already written. Just look around.


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