Home Alone: The new reality for many kids

  • Article by: JEREMY OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 20, 2010 - 11:18 PM

The slow economy leaves more parents grappling with whether to leave their tweeners home alone.

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shibolethAug. 20, 10 5:55 PM

The home-alone question? Let's see...maybe you don't have young children yourself Mr. Olson. Children that are ready to 'prove' to themselves and family that they are very capable. You, (and the family) just broadcast to the world that there will be times (very specific from your article) that parents will not be on the property of the residence owned by this clearly named couple. Unlike in the movie...I hope to God they have a dog!! (Hey kids...you gotta thank me for the dog suggestion)!!

coldbikerAug. 21, 1012:15 AM

No wonder kids are immature and messed up. Paranoid "parents" take something so simple and make a big deal out of it.

falcon1665Aug. 21, 1012:22 AM

great benefit of the road the right put the country on.

HbillwayAug. 21, 1012:33 AM

You try to do the "right thing" but it's so hard. Still, when I grew up it wasn't much different. Only then we had neighbors who would keep an eye out.

prancer1Aug. 21, 1012:38 AM

"...the cost of after-school programs was a 'big deal,' especially with her son tiring of those programs anyway. 'It's not cool anymore when you're in middle school,' she lamented." I beg to differ. What about Boys & Girls Clubs? Or the City of Bloomington has "BRAVO," a center for just that age group. My kids at that age didn't have a choice, they went to these programs at those ages because I, as their parent, said they were to go to avoid being home alone. Once at the BRAVO program, they loved it! Later, in High School, they were involved with many after-school sports and activities. Parents can just be too lazy to check in to GREAT alternative tweener programs and cave to their kids' pressure. Even churches have tweener camping programs, etc. There are a lot of options. I know, I have accessed them very successfully.

spicebearAug. 21, 1012:54 AM

In the 70s we called them "latchkey kids."

daknutson1Aug. 21, 10 1:23 AM

forcing two parents to work just to barely make ends meet. Funny, they keep pushing for traditional American family values, yet they also keep pushing salaries down to keep one parent at home taking care of the house and kids from happening. And we're supposed to vote their way why?

the_vfoxAug. 21, 10 6:03 AM

NOBODY forces any couple to work and it's not a conservative verses a liberal issue. If you look at everything that way, you become an idea log. Parents should treat kids different, some can handle being home alone for awhile and some can't. It's a PARENTING thing, not something the state, county or city should get involved in unless the child is neglected.

herdboarAug. 21, 10 6:36 AM

"We went to town. Change your clothes (hang them up), and go out to the barn and do chores. We'll be home for supper." That was the jist of the note I had when I grew up.

tinygiantAug. 21, 10 7:16 AM



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