Gophers can't solve hot goalie

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3 years and running. Lucia stinks as coach and until Milktoast Maturi grows a pair, it will be more of the same. Watching Lucia on the bench, it was as if he didn't even care.

posted by stribmenot on Oct. 23, 09 at 9:27 PM | 

they shut down the great Jordan Schroeder? How does a team keep that speedy lil' pepperpot in check? Unfortunately, he suffers from Pierre Marc Bouchard syndrome. The big fellas just smother him. When will Lucia buck up and learn that signing 15 year old kids and playing them as freshman is stupid. There is a whole world of difference between an 18 year old and a 25 year old. That is obvious to even the most casual of fans. What gives Donny? Are you gonna hang it up now that your son is in his last year? He had a helluva run....NOT!

posted by siochain on Oct. 23, 09 at 9:33 PM | 

Not acceptable. Too many years of below-average production from above-average talent. Turn this around,this year,or the Gophers are going to have to have a coaching change.

posted by mahogma66 on Oct. 23, 09 at 9:34 PM | 

but because we criticized Maturi, Lucia, and Jordan Schroeder, we got flushed. What gives with that?

posted by siochain on Oct. 23, 09 at 9:39 PM | 

Bad Hockey !!! Between the Wild and the Gophers I think Wisconsin is better with the Badgers and Admirals. I was going to use Illinois but U of I doesn't have a team Ohh thats right neither does the U. LOL

posted by BPlate on Oct. 23, 09 at 9:51 PM | 

Congrats to the Mighty Gophers for another outstanding loss. You are a mediocre team at best and until Don quits playing his no good son you have no chance. Two Friday games and you were able to score the same amount of goals. I am not sure if UND was that good or if the Mighty Gophers are that bad. I am betting on the latter.

posted by rinkpig on Oct. 23, 09 at 9:54 PM | 

During this game, I don't remember Don Lucia making one bad pass, missing his check, blocking shots or mis-firing the puck. Now, I do remember a lot of PLAYERS doing that. Quite blaming the coach - he has two national championships under his belt. The difference now is that his players suck. Schroeder is a non issue and would have been a second to third line player on the two championship teams. Lucia has asst. coaches to recruit, he coaches the crap the bring in. The players are heros when they win (and they should be) and they are goats when they lose (and they should be). If I were Lucia, I would pull the scholarships of most of the players and give them to the golf team. Scotty Bowman couldn't do much better with this group of misfits.

posted by edmucklinski on Oct. 23, 09 at 9:58 PM | 

Ok,.....All of you that know my name know I cheer for the Sioux always. But most of you know other than the Sioux I cheer for the Gophers against anyone else. Friends, we have some issues. Not coaching. Not alcohol or bong rips. Basically, flat footed movement. Yes I know we're on the road. Remember last weekend at Grand Forks the last 8 minutes when people were flying around? It Wasn't there tonight. Right? Not here to dog. Just wondering what happened since 2002. Go Sioux!

posted by timmyloud on Oct. 23, 09 at 10:08 PM | 

It starts at the top. Coach Lucia seems to have lost the fire. His players mirror that. Dean Blais sits down in Nebraska Omaha and starts out 3-0-1. Things need to get better in a hurry.

posted by brubu on Oct. 23, 09 at 10:21 PM | 

This team needs someone to step up and be the leader. I like Tony's game and this team certainly has the talent. The Gophers are missing an identity - a guy to be The Guy. There is a new mix out there this year and hopefully they can start to gel and find some consistency. It's early but I agree, the Gophers look flat.

posted by steelcurtain on Oct. 23, 09 at 10:33 PM | 
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